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A.A & alanon & Coda Mtgs

Alanon is not only for healing from loved ones with addiction. Its also, you as a witness to parents who were in codependent, enabling one-sided relationships & the bad habits that came with over-giving.

Alanon classes helps in realizing this pattern of attachment & codependency on the men in our lives, our lovers & helps us to realize the root of all this pain is the patterns in which our mind is grooved in, in pursuing/being with our partners.

A.A classes can be utilized for Food addiction & gambling =G.A. You can join an N.A or A.A class even if you are addicted to Porn, sex, an abusive ex & shopping. Addiction is addiction and we all express it in different ways.

It is a non-judgmental Group & heals the soul. It is a community of like -minded people who strengthen your journey in healing because they been there before in that deep pattern of addiction and pain. & They made it out & Became the pillar of light the meetings are so full of= Mentors & soul family. Spiritual Gangsters who can share there wisdom & strength in beating there addictions.

Don't be scared to Google a meeting close to you in North America they are available all over the world & offer a hand of healing & the first steps of the power & impact of community support. You are never alone in your cycles of pain.

You can come come out of your habitual toxic patterns & you can heal. There is always a chance and a brighter day to llive a new life a new you.

I love You.

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