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Dear Captain Log, You know I just found out what that is from. Star Trek.. That's right mf star trek... I like that saying its Jazzzyyysazzy Im using it. Okur so As I was saying Dear Captain Log how do I find Balance?

To Gym, To self Love, TO make Love to myself, To work and make that bag to pay my rent to have a roof over my head and vegan food to consume, stay fresh to death and get to point A to point B... as well as work on building my Business My passion

Time is Money. My time is valuable & thing is there is not enough time in the world. I have too much to mf doooo. GOSHHHHHH also I still have to be the baddest bitch walking so I have to make sure to self love self peak and I just love being my 100 percent self BECAUSE it feels mf great

High Frequency self love is where its at & you know I am really trying to balance that out always and fit it in and lately it has been do-able. do-able. I gym, I was I pedi, I meditate but I WORK SOOO FUCKEN hard

I am And I have always been a hard worker. That is just facts & Plus my birth chart is majority earth with capricorn in the 10th,11th and 12th house as well as other mf places and when I think of Capricorn I think of that fucken horse cop off onward. You know what guy I am talking about? And when he goes nayyyee and kicks his heels and works.

That is how i fucken feel like a work horse. But, the one thing I am trying to really be conscience about and make a mf priority is balancing out my self love and HEALTHY MIND BODY, SOUL & PHYSICAL VESSEL THAT I GOT GIFTED THIS LIFE TIME

LIKE YES, IN my head I live IN Hawaiii I am from the Islands & I need to go back but right now like as I am sitting in my work desk I make sure to meditate throughout the day and settle the fuck down

Im always like self talking to myself "Kay baby take a 10 minute sleep maybe 1 hour fuck this job lets move to Hawaii today. The Islands that smell like flowers" lol Just kidding but No I prioritze my rest periods as much as possible. I need to because why?

You cannot mf pour from an EMPTY CUP BITCHES. How do I know this you may be wondering with a sprinkle in your eye lol Okay because I been counselling for a career. And people.. Well as a healer and teacher you need to make sure your energetic storage is hella high otherwise you are a useless ass

I love you guys but damn sometimes I need to log off and yall need to fuck off while I align these chakras and get right

Thank god for salt baths & grass and forest .... grass with no mf dog shit on it smh ppl need to learn to chill & pick up after their bestfriends it takes two fucken seconds you lazy ass ho if youre' too lazy to do that after your bff stay home ho

Okay, so yes. I am finally in my life learning BALANCE... took me long enough... its a continuous thing tho not just a one time thing it is for me a waking up each day and prioritizing the PERSON I LOVE THE MOST


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