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Wtf did I just say 2 posts ago. Jealousy kills. And its not your enemies who get you its always your own people. You got to watch your back!!

Shaquilla Robinson ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ Bullied to Death.

& I dont know why tf that B on bullied up there is in italic font โฌ†๏ธ& not trying to make that word fancy smh & I'm just figuring out how to switch around this Website stuff .. anyway..

THANK GODDD for social Media & videoing 24/7 its fucken crazy to me this girl was looking for her friends in the one room .. mean while all 3 of these hoes were plotting to jump her ass. That's some fowl coward low down pussy shit. Jumping is for the weak for panties.

People die this way all the time. Same with hitting on punching on a blacked out person u ain't tough ur a bitch. Swinging on anyone when they are Hella intoxicated or because they beautiful asf or because ur an insecure sinister evil fuck who gets off on peoples pain shame on your weak ass and there's a special place in the dark room for yall & you're blessed to death that I wasnt there bc ain't nobody jumping anyone in my vicinity. No cap to death. I can't stand bullies or PEOPLE who are mean for no reason. That's weak and it ..... grosses me out fr. Stay tf away from me.

I dont hang with or kick it with alot of childhood friends bc I got jumped on several occasions from girls who I thought were my "friends" - that betrayal those betrayals were my biggest blessing.

Weeded out the snakes. Watch who u fuck with or hang with. I been saying and I won't stop saying BITCHES LOVE TO BULLY

STAY away from a person who even side compliments you back ended comments you or u just get the jealous fucked up vibes from bc your INTUITION IS ALWAYS RIGHT !!! โœ”


Silence is Consent if you see BULLYING SPEAK UP !!!!!!! Or you are just as guilty. Thats so fucked up that people pick on people like that.

Bullies never end up no where except in the local town bar haggard asf still talking about there teeenage glory days ... like bruh

I keep my circle SUPER SMALL now & I Love it here- I had Family Snake on Me, Loved ones snake on Me. Bestfriends snake on me. I been betrayed in every which way. The people who said they loved me the most snaked on me. I keep a tight knit circle. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Don't close your Heart Dont let these foul fucks on this earth turn u Cold. Stay in your beautiful Light but shine it ON THOSE WHO DESERVE YOU.

I have a Huge heart I'm loving And I will ride with you til the end if I fuck with you like that. Took alot of decades of me knowing my worth and walking away from toxic family, toxic friends, toxic environments to free myself, be myself -NOT DIM MY SPARKLE & be My Authentic self without being called "White girl" or "Hot Shit"


I'm fabulous & Know my worth & I'm thankful so thankful To God Each day for the Beautiful people in my Life they are all O.Gs in there chosen Fields and we bring each other up, laugh, accept & Grow - Lift one another Up.

Don't settle for an Environment of snakes . Hang with shit you start to stink .

You Deserve Love, Safety, Honesty, Love & Happiness. Don't re-live your trauma. Forgive them, LET GO & Move on.

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