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Cherish ILU xo

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Wow I'm starting to love my life again so much!!!

And it's because I'm starting to fall in love with myself again. I've not loved myself fully like I know I could in 3.5 years.

I've been putting everybody ahead of myself for the last 3.5 years and as of late I've finally started to do what I love again and to Baby myself and to laugh out loud, to read books, to catch up on movies, random trips to the country, hanging out with friends and going on random Lake Road Trips and honestly I'm starting to love my life again and find out what it is to really live. I missed you Cherish so Much I Love you so Much my baby & I missed you so Much.

Thank you EVERYDay God for this Beautiful, Gorgeous, World & the Gift of Choice !!

Choice to wake up & Decide to LOVE YOUR LIFE & TO CHERISH & Baby yourself 👑 Love yourself so madly, deeply, gorgeously give yourself everything you have ever wanted & Prayed for . I love it Here. Don't leave me ever again.

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