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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Cuffing season!!!! Hibernation omg!!! Dating and doing you finding a boo cuddling a zaddy. What ever you want to call shack up season in the winter part of the world. Because I know other side of the equator you guys are in summer as fuck at the time being.

So, I personally love this season because I love cuddling in my cozy ass bed and relaxing enjoying my life of course after I gym and self love.

Speaking of self love tomorrow I am waking up and going for a run in the woods that are close to my house and doing my morning cardio and some Biceps.

Always, have to start off the day physical and love yourself first.

Also, a habit I make sure to do that is as precious as praying to me is my morning ritual of my coffee as soon as I wake up, keeping my social media's closed and not turning my phone or iPad on. Like its just me and Creator and my JOURNAL.

For about a little over an hour I coffee and journal than I start my day.

Starting the day includes after I pray and do my thanking and reflecting in my journal I get my ass up and work out.

I always have to get endorphins pumping in my body in some way somehow. It is amazing and its a natural high money can't buy!!!! The best medicine and the best therapy!!!

And I don't care if you have to lock your bedroom door and PUMP UP YOUR MF BEYONCE OR PRINCE. YOU GET YOUR MF ASS MOVING. LOCK that door and shut the kids out for at least half hour and dance!!! use that brush as a mike and own it bitch okay.

That is your medicine from auntie Cherish. I love you and I want to see

the best for you and dancing is the MOST BEST MF PUMPER OF PUMPING UP THE MF JAM..... PUMP up the jam pump it up ... the Spacejam edition.

So Yeah cuffing season back to the topic at hand.

Make sure you are filling your cup up this Season!!! Make sure you are loving yourself as much as possible and make sure you are not forgetting about yourself!!! TIs the season to give give give to all my givers out there but baby there is NO More beautiful LOVE than the LOVE OF oneself!!

When you fill your own cup up and are radiating self love and LOVE frequency it is soooooo happy and fulfilling.


Thus, you don't fall into this thing that you got to cuff for the winter. Or settle for any ol' raggedy dusty son due to just wanting someone.

Like baby you don't need anything external if you are already full. Do not forget that or pass yourself up and settle for less.

When a person does not show you the same reciprocation or consistency that you show them than pull your energy back and pour all that extra love you were giving them .... ONTO YOU take that 60 dollars and go get your nails did. Take that present you were going to buy them and go buy those nike hoodie and sweats that you wanted. Cuz bitch we all know you are going to have a second helping at christmas and new years okay ho.

You deserve the best. And if a mf is not giving you back the same exact beautiful energy than fuck him. Pull back your energy cord and pour it into you booboo do you!!!!!!

YOu are so fucken beautiful you deserve the best!!!!

There is no better love and high than spoiling yourself!! Hiring a personal trainer or a nutritionist is worth it to get out, mingle love and just fall back in love with yourself!!!

Because there is no fucken better high than feeling confident!!!!!!~

Its like a mf superpower when you walk into a room and you are full of dynamite high ass energy. Because you did that!!!! You did the work!!! You took the time!!!! YOu did the healing and the self LOVE!!!!

YOu will have that Regina George confidence to a T baby

I am pretty much the Brown Regina George. I love Her.

I love you baby so much and I am sending you hugs and love through the screen!!!!! XOXOXO

You are strong!!! YOu are a Warrior and the most beautiful woman in the world!! XOXO

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