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Death & Guilt feelings

Grief & Loss when you lose someone you loved .... love so much someone that was close to your heart. You go into immediate shock. You might lose a lot of weight those first couple weeks and get 10 hours of sleep in one week. Grief and loss is a shock to the system. Especially when it is someone close to your heart your mom, your father, your child, your beloved... grief and loss hits everyone different.

One thing everyone has in common though is an eventually feel of guilt. Of shoulllda woulllda coullldaa of the "What if I was there, What if I could have spent those last two months with them, What if I could have held them those last months and been there full time for them?"

Those types of thoughts will kill you. You keep thinking of what you could have done or what if you could have did this for them etc.... STOP IT . Stop HOlding yourself accountable for something that was inevitable and that already happened.

Guilt is a true killer. And it is FUTILE AF. As soon as you start thinking these thoughts slap yourself around and remember your loved one laughing and smiling and the cherished moments you sat there laughing at the small things, or even sitting together just quietly enjoying one anothers peace of one anothers company. Few people on this earth can actually sit together and not say nothing at all and just share that beautiful mutual love connection. Those little things of them about them REMEMBER THOSE

Remember the memories of you two cooking in the kitchen listening to the radio just being.

Remember the small things the small actions for one another and the love that was shared with both of you.

Death is already a painful as fuck feeling do not rip yourself to further shreds by thinking coullda woullda shoullda..... it fucken happened get over it. Accept that this is the way the past played out and there is nothing you can do about it. And guess what? They are happy. Your loved one aint even thinking about coulllda woulllda shoulllda they in Heaven now Paradise. When ever your beautiful as fuck face pops in there head they think of your smile, of your laugh, of you holding one another and all the beautiful silly, fun beautiful times.

Guilt is the last thing they would think you would have. Don't be so mother fucken hard on yourself. They aint even thinking about that. I know times get tough and you will have shitty days but give yourself the gift of acceptance and forgiving yourself. Because guaranteed they have long long long ago forgiven your ass and are out there living there best life visiting Elvis and having scones and tea at supper time with Marilyn Monroe and Jesus of Nazareth.

So, why the fuck you sad? Release all guilt of shoullda woulllda coulllda and remember the beautiful happy times and hang up pictures of your loved on pure smiling. Pure smiling pictures. And remember that is how they are now and will always be and guilt is the last thing on there spiritual high as eff elevated souls.

Guilt gets you into one of the darkest energies that one can reside in. Making you suseptible to dark entities whispering dark shit in your ear getting you into a much worst state you are already in. Remember this is a spiritual world and there consists here light and dark. So, remember alot of the time the voices in your head egging you on to hurt yourself, or to drink or to hurt your loved ones or hurt yourself, it is usually not your voice. That is why it is important to stay in a high frequency to help protect you from the darker voices that leech onto your low frequency when you are in a state of guilt.

So, please your gorgeous, elevated soul deserves better because that is what your loved one on the other side would want. How do you snap out of guilt thoughts? Get the fuck up and go for a walk in nature. Leave your cell phone home and just go for a walk. If your scared carry pepper spray in your bra or secret compartment in your sweats or jacket.

But Nature is the free natural therapy that every mother fcker needs in this world. It should be a requirement in schools and work places for each morning. It elevates endorphins, mental sharpness, mental health and over all happiness.

You can start with walking as soon as you wake up don't think of shit just get the hell out of the door and start walking. It is easy and free and you are with God. That is it.

Get those endorphins pumping as soon as you wake up. Go in nature as much as you can. And above all thank |God for helping you be the master of your thoughts and your life.

You are powerful beyond measure and you create your beautiful as fuck life . You are source manifested you are a piece of God molded into perfect you start acting like it.





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