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When you find yourself losing yourself. Ask yourself .....

Why do I feel like this?

It's usually the feeling of sadness or missing something in your life feels..

And its usually YOU. You're just Missing You is all.

You probably need a good nap or a good cry or Both.

So take the date with yourself &

Sit with yourself and really be real

With yourself & ask yourself what

Do You need? Be real with yourself.

Sometimes in life we work Ourself to the bone forgrtting to love ourselves hard & be compassionate with ourselves.

You ain't a machine.

And these times call for your fine ass to love Yourself harder than usual.

Buy yourself lots of new Gym clothes or go get ur nails Eyelashes did. You're so fucken beautiful & You are the Love of your Life. Make a Movie date with ur bff just know that Filling the void with love takes One Ingredient & that is YOU. It takes time but its an everyday Every Morning Practice.

Like daily Vitamins. We're born alone we die alone so make sure to Do as much Self Love as possible others can wait. You got to always prioritize your Happiness & Mental Health.

Treat yourself this WAYYY & Recognize you're the Bag & You're the One u Been searching for Your whole life ♡

Always make sure to always always come back home to yourself.

You are God in the Flesh. You are source within. Connected. ONE.


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