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Don't Apologize

Don't apologize for sharing your light & being a success.

Don't water yourself down to accommodate others when you have worked so hard to get where you are; broke generational curses & left one-sided love stories.

Don't dim your Gorgeous sparkle to accommodate others Grey making them feel comfortable; Don't lower your frequency anymore to accommodate other's pessimistic half-cup, half-full life views.

You were born with millionaire energy & didn't let others hate & Jealousy dim you.

You stayed in the light & you know your story; What happened in the dark- you stayed true & you stayed in the light.

Be that Light; Stay being that Strength & Keep Growing & Keep Glowing. Keep elevating & never stop striving to Becoming the best version of yourself.

You're an inspiration for others- Even the Haters- if anything they take more notes. Either way you still eat well well & You are always protected. Thank You Ancestors.

You're Strong, You deserve this Life you have worked so Hard for.

Never apologize & Congratulations! XOXO YOU BEAUTIFUL Bitch 💋💋💋

Love YOUUUUUU!! 💋💋

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