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FML feeling like Death

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

You ain't fucken hopeless there's always a remedy and solution to your problem or your life "fuck up "

Whether its shitty love relationships, bad financials, career mishaps, broken ass family or no family, no community = there is always a solution YOU JUST MAKE IT WORST FOR YOURSELF BY THINKING YOU just make the PROBLEM worst by thinking you ARE HOPELESS & POWERLESS

There's always that one area folks can't seem to get right over and over again. It's supposed to be that way. Everyone every mf walking this earth has a trial line in there life chart.

Whether its career, finance, love, health, self esteem, body image that feeling of hopeless and fuck my life why should I live- that mole hill into a mountain problem that shouldn't be given that much power . Yes, recognize it & second - First off, Stop being a little bitch you come from a lineage of Warriors and Strong asfuck ancestors YOU ARE NOT FUCKEN POWERLESS & HOPELESS!!! You put yourself into that energy that predicament.

Feeling like this for long periods of time thinking of the fucken problem is what keeps makes u in that lowered state of fuck my life.

Take back your Power & Shift your thoughts to "What can I do to start fixing this so I feel less sad/alone in this area of my life?!"

Come out of your mind & Look Objectively like let's write this down let's pen to paper this problem and start to write our some possible solitions.

& Stop being a Debbie fucken Downer when ever someone suggests coming out of your comfort zone in that sector that sucks in ur life. Date outside of your class, color and sect- leave your hometown and apply for college elsewhere, start to exercise for your heart health, study treatment centers that will be better heal your addiction etc. TRY! The key is get the fuck off your ass & TRY

Do new shit try new shit and stop living small. Try new things dont limit yourself to what's "cool" or not trying new things because they seem "weird" No One gives a fuck if you're cringe or weird as fuck you're alive and that's enuff. I would rather someone be alive and still here than embarrassed because they in a treatment center or following there unique happy healing path in this life. Seek holistic healing with addressing dating patterns. Really be honest with your own self in recognizing your toxic traits and toxic tendencies that you also have been contributing to hindering your soul growth your spiritual happiness.

Break patterns - which is easier said than done. This includes being the "Victim" enough of that you're a Warrior & on this earth there is always a medicine to the problem. Baby steps to healing. Seek counseling. I was Court ordered to so much counseling growing and I thought I knew it all I was so cocky. I actually learned alot througha court ordered psychiatrist, anger management, A.A, & elder talking court ordered services.

And I got to meet cool people unexpectedly.

So Fuck ur fears and over doing it with feeling helpless to ur life for way too long of a period. Grt out of bed TAKE YOUR POWER BACK all & Do new things !!

Sign up for community events, workshops, community meetings etc. A dating site, new moms walking group, FB sports drop inviting, Painting group in your town- try new things !!!

Get the fuck out of that funk and TRY!

Good thing is you RECOGNIZE ,the problem area in your life and we can identify the pattern of pain. So there's that NOW U can always remedy and medicine a pattern of pain whether it be lack of family kinship, bad romances, addiction we can remedy and start seeking solutions to deter or help heal the root.

Before coming to this Earth plane, the unreality, this temp place we wrote a major trial line in our life path. It could be health, family, romance, finances, career, spiritual etc something that you just feel "You just can't get right " in this life . Or have you ever looked at a person and thought wow that person has it all together they good looking, healthy, rich and beautiful but they pick the worst mate?

Welp, that's there option line they chose in this life to be a bitch. We all have one. No one person walking this earth doesn't have a all sunshine and rainbow life. They just learned how to accept it & now work with it remedy it and do the steps it takes to heal and remedy the problem factor in there life. So they don't kill themselves one day because I know I feel you its frustrating as fuck. But you can do it. I did it. And you can too. I promise you will. You're strong as eff & you deserve to be happy. Take back your power & know you ain't a hopeless ass you will succeed in that sector. Baby steps 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Love you !!!!

You are worthy of Love You are Beautiful You are imperfectly Perfect & You Deserve Happiness !!!! Be Cringe & Do what makes You Happy and Sprinkleyyyy!!!!


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