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Updated: Jan 19, 2022


Dating him Loving Him Loving her. Don’t listen to people. Just do you. I don’t care if the person is your mom or your dearest respected counsel. Don’t fucken listen to them. End of the day just follow your heart when it comes to what your heart wants. Because end of the day if it is a lesson a hard ass lesson to learn the universe will find a way to end it or push you away from this person.

This is how it works. When you are with the wrong wrong person you manifest bad finances, bad health and a trail of uneventful life events until finally one day you have had enough. You manifest an early death and cancer. Real talk. Cancer is an energetic auric initiation from the astral field. We are all born with cancer cells it just depends the soul contract and the processes, motions we assigned ourselves in this life. They get triggered hella hard when you prolong a relationship with someone who was just supposed to be temporary in your life. If you drag out a lesson relationship that is hella toxic and unhealthy to your greatest and highest good you will manifest sickness. Why? Because the energetic give and take is imbalanced and they suck the mf life out of you literally. Darker souls prey on the light of their significant others, leech on to that light syphon the energy out of them. Why do you think all people who left toxic relationships say it was draining as fuck and they happy they left?

You do not realize how draining a relationship is until you finally break free from that relationship and are away from it for a long time. You look back and you realize “wow I was really a shell of who I really am, I never laughed anymore, I never sang I was dead inside” –It was because you were with someone who was sent to your life to be temporary. You were meant to learn soul life lessons like self-respect, self-esteem, strength of yourself and healthy boundaries. You aint salvation army here feeding the needy and shit. That is what a karmic relationship is, is someone who is supposed to teach you hard emotional lessons about your strength and for you to gain strength and wisdom and love for oneself.

It takes a while to leave a relationship that gave you the butterflies at first and had you believing that all of your dreams came true when you met this person. It is hard to leave a relationship that you banked on your life to be with this person, til death do us party type thing. It is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. It’s no easy feat and this shit is not for the weak. But choosing your happiness over everything needs to be your main focus in these times. Don’t let that person have you thinking that it is your fault for everything and that you will never find anyone like him again. Because, baby there are 4 billion dicks in this world and millions would be more than happy to drink rose out your cheeks. Them booty cheeks make em clap.

It is the hardest thing in the world to leave a relationship that has become a chore. It is the hardest thing in the world and you got to be your own counselor in these situations and talk to yourself and be like “Well baby you will be okay Gods got this and wouldn’t you rather be alone and happy as fuck than with someone and miserable fuck my life all the time?”

You really got to G yourself up to leave an abusive relationship that you thought you would be in forever. It takes a lot of will power and it will take you a shit load of times to leave someone and a whole lot of attempts and even your family might get sick of your shit and you going back and forth, but fuck em fuck what people think and just keep trying. Keep following your heart.

Because, eventually you will get sick of always picking up hot coals. YOU will get sick of thinking oh this time it will be different and for the 45th time it is not any different you eventually come to the conclusion that this is how the rest of your life is going to be and that if you accept this slow suffering relationship that’s on you. You will probably turn into an alcoholic or pill head just to cope with such a living situation and have an unhappy existence the rest of your life. There is no happiness in a Loretta Lynn stand by your man marriage when there is straight dark abuse and emotional manipulation.

Don’t try to change anyone. It is hard to change yourself. Start seeing your spouse as who they really truly are standing in front of you. So, if they look like a real beat down always high, always fake as fuck skinny cheap mf. Than start accepting them as is. Stop trying to fantasize what they were in high school or back in the day and stop fantasizing about what they can potentially become. That is fucked and it is you being in love with a false ass dream an imaginary person. Because it is not the truth and you are refusing to really SEEE them for who they truly are standing in front of you. So, first things first in summing up the courage to leave a marriage or long term relationship is to start seeing there actions for how it really is and stop saying, “oh but they will change”

Because guaranteed they said they would change a million times and you stuck around the the 100th time they promised they would change and they probably bought you some flowers and gave you some rent money or mortgage cash to reel you in extra. But thing is baby, that shit fades gets old fast. You can’t buy back happiness or mental health or try cover a lame weak ass relationship with gifts and lackluster dick. You get sick of forcing yourself to make love with them eventually too. Everything just becomes a chore and you are like paid help almost to them. Like a nurse aid. Except you don’t get the extra benefits and you are a slow death row journey.

So, follow your heart you will always come to the truth. Within. Always follow your heart no matter what it looks like to others. You will eventually get sick of lying to yourself. You will eventually come to realize that no one is going to come and save you outside of yourself. It is you. YOU!

You got the choice. Be happy as fuck start a brand new life with 4 billlion dicks in the world and millions who would love for you to shower them with that magical unique love you lay down… or or. …. Stay with this weak ass lame ass mf who keeps taking taking taking taking from you.

You decide. It is your decision. The Power is in your hands. Free will.

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