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Free Cain- Legal Pedo's

Our country's are run from pedophiles trying to desensitize pedophilia in our children.

Society is trying to make it okay to desensitize pedophilia.

How the fuck are we sending Home masturbation homework to pre-school kids??? WTF In the Fuck !?!?!?! 😡😡😡

Pigs . This was illegal 🚫 2 years ago. Tf. Sick fucks a well as the teachers who Comply.

They are starting with our children changing the agenda of the school system. From a young age. Personally I didn’t know what sex was until I was in grade 4 and I was like WTF ewww my parents did that nasty ass asf shit ewwww… I was like ewwww wtf that was how I was made wtf.. Like yeah sure I joked about it but I didn't even know wtf I was talking about until grade 4 when my cousin told me wtf I was joking about . Let kids be kids why are we trying to de-sensitize them to sex let it flow organically like it always has for thousands of years. This is GROOMING! This is de-sensitizing our children to pedophilia. WTF Our politicians who signed off on this bullshit are a bunch of fucken child loving pervs to co-sign on this shit . Just because they cool with being weird fcks to there kids doesn’t mean they need to carry out this creepy fcken gross ass uncle shit on our children.

And to legalize it and make it mandatory in our educational system is fucked up. Who co-signed on this shit? I am home schooling my children.

All politicians in higher classes are free mason and luciferian. They do sex and blood rituals with children. Everyone in high power in this world the 1% exploit children look at the royal family kidnapping Indigenous babies and children for hundreds of years to this day sodomizing Indigenous boys. They are demons devils in the flesh. Sold there souls out of greed for money and power. Human life does not matter to them there disease is there love for power and money. There disease is a greed that can never be fed. We need to not make this normal and mainstream. We knew this was coming look at the Netflix special that was dropped called “Cuties” Exploiting little babies little girls. Who the fuck calls a show Cuties and has baby girls and toddlers all over the show. Netflix is a tool used by those pedophiles in power to try slowly normalize the exploitation of young children and babies sexualization. With Epstein Island little saint James Island being half dedicated to little trafficked children and under age girls and boys of all ages and classes. Mostly brown skin children kidnapped and farmed from Haiti, Mexico, Brazil and the Islands.

Like of course other kids would joke about dick and ass and boobs since I was in grade 1 but I would just laugh and go along because boobs was such a funny word to me. And I was like a hyper ass child. I was in special-ed class one on one for the first two years in my life. I don’t know I just wasn’t there most of the time I had imagination as huge as Kim Kardashians fake ass. The Cain Valesquaz case fucken pisses me off. The guy is still doing time right now at this moment for hurting the pedo who touched his only son. The pedophile is out running free. After being in custody for a couple hours and being served with appearance papers for court he was released asap. Which is bullshit. The perv touched Cain's 3 year old son 150 times. That is his only son and Cain is an MMA champ. Who the fuck is dumb enough to even think of touching his son. Also, why are there such laws that protect pedophile's so much in the USA.

Why does the federal jurisdiction have such weak laws against child predators? They need harder punishments and longer pen time if they don't want civilians out here doing martial law killing or assaulting child predators on there own time. The question is; who wouldn't do what Cain did to the pedophile his sons abuser?

SPEAK UP in your jurisdiction an against school boards to what they are exposing your child too. Kids need to be kids especially at this day and age where kids just say in there rooms and game out an dare on there tablets and computers. Kids don't play outside anymore and are so amassed with toxic ass social media. It is all fake. Let kids be kids!!!!!


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