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Healing from Childhood Trauma ONE

You will notice after your change and after you decided to take the first step to grow yourself as a human beautiful ass bitch spirit soul having a humanoid physical human body experience.... that once you decide to change and elevate your life and break familial and ancestral cycles that shit changes fast.

You will notice you can't resonate with folks no more from childhood, or back home, your childhood. And that is okay. That is normal. That is the norm. Like leaves on tall big oak tree the weak leaves will shed off and leave the strong ample leaves on the beautiful vibrant tree.

That is how your evolution works. As you evolve and levitate your life and decide to heal the addictions and cycles of abuse that run in your family, your hood/community that once resonated at that same core frequency of trauma bond do not resonate with you anymore. And this is not all. But you will notice a mass majority of em you notice gradually you can't fuck with because....

Because you will notice you are drained. You feel drained. Thinking of fucking within the same space or kicking it with them ... the mf thought of it just makes you mf drained. It is because you were always the giver. You were always the one raising everyones frequency. YOu were the sparkley, magical happy bitch always elevating everyone. So, folks from lower energies, not knowing it even at times, were leeching off of you or taking advantage of your kindness.

As you heal your trauma of the past and face those demons in the closet.... im talking the sexual abusers who sexually abused you.... the narcisst bullies who bullied you.... the jealous mean individuals from your community that traumatized you growing up.... as you heal face the situations and reflect on those trauamtic incidents as an adult ..... face the memories and experience it like its fresh again.. this time instead as an adult looking thru the eyes of the baby version of yourself.... you start to see. And accept. And acceptance of the past is the first key in letting go and forgiving.

Once you can accept that you were raped, beat, touched, yelled at, stabbed in the back, starved, neglected etc you accept that it happened you will slowly start to let go and accept and forgive and have that it is what it is it cannot be changed.

My ancestors and spirit guides have been telling me all mf year.... FUCK THE PAST... they keep saying that to me in meditation and in my walks with them. This is a collective shift for all I feel it resonates with a lot of those who are choosing there healing path, there greatest and most highest good. AKA YOUUUUU!!!!!

Like an Oak tree the old mangled leaves will fall off and only leave the solid leaves the majority of the tree will be wholesome and healthy look and good looking all all the oak trees will want to fuck that oak tree because it is so mf good looking, high vibrational and beautiful af. THATS YOU

So, do not feel bad for choosing to be the STRONG ONE in your lineage who chooses to WALK alone to choose a different path for yourself with higher opportunities and farther challenges which equates to mistakes... which mistakes are the best because those are the best that is the BEST way to gain knowledge. And that is what the fuck we are here for is to fail and have emotional pain. And learn and move on. Persevere and become STRONGER ELEVATED SOUL

As you heal yourself you heal your community and your friends and your family. Even tho they say "bitch you changed" or "why do you act high class youre from the country" or "Alwhitey than" Shit like that they try say to you because yeah, you did Choose to change but they just projecting because they can't fuck with you no more because you strong af you healthy your shiney your healing and youre happy. They don't even know what to do or say to you anymore so they will deflect there own insecurities onto you. Yall came from the same place the same home the same walls Looking at you is a reminder of there potential and what they can be and how they can heal to. Instead of them taking responsibility of there life they choose to be the victim and CHOOSE TO not change.

We all have this beautiful thing on this EARTH SCHOOL Called FREE WILL they have it too if they weren't mf lazy af

DO NOT APOLOGIZE for changing, healing and bettering your life!!! Never apologize and do Not Feel bad for cutting people out of your life who look at you side ways or you feel are snakes in the grass. There just to be nosey and see if you failed yet, more so than actually giving a fuck and checking in to see if you are okay.

Do not apologize for choosing to Step out of comfort zones and facing trauma patterns and survival mechanisms you learned as a child and healing those survival mechanisms... such as violence as solutions or not communicating as solutions... lots of unhealed childhood trauma contained violence great violence as the norm and not communicating at all.... and COMMUNICATION as fucken awkward as fuck as it is!!! NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!! MF SPIT IT OUT AND BE TRANSPARENT ASAP!!! DO NOT HOLD THAT SHIT IN EVER~~~ THAT IS YOUR MF MEDICINE that you need to take from this BLOG!!!! SPEAK WHEN A MF HAS CROSSED BOUNDARIES OR DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THERE ACTIONS... SPEAK UP THAN AND THERE DO NOT HOLD THAT SHIT IN~!!!! STOP ABANDONING YOURSELF.

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