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Love my family so much!!! This is a pic of my fave Female God sister M.J she is at the top. Her brother Stan is my favourite Boy Cousin .

And my mom is below M.J and my auntie Edna my fave auntie in the world too is on the side!!! They are home grown I miss them so much!! Everyday I miss Home.

I know that setting up for my future and in order to grow I needed to heal a lot of trauma from this life. I was drinking too much and i was sad all the time. I had a broken heart until I was 32 years old. I had a broken heart my whole life until I was 32 years old.

Healint is different for everybody but mine took a long time.

So, moving away on purpose taught me to face my demons my habits that I had since childhood that I was repeatedly doing over and over again self sabotaging myself which was drinking like guns and roses and fighting and getting into trouble every weekend. Self sabotaging myself along the way and pro-longing my healing.

I also grew out of my state province long ago there are only 1 milllion people soak and wet there and everyone sleeps together.

eeee lol Just kidding about that part. lol

Nawwww it was just too small and I dated every hot guy from the province and was bored and needed to grow and see what was in the world. I didnt fuck them just dated.

And plus I didn't want to marry and stay a country girl I wanted to fall in love outside away from home somewhere new and someone who wasn't bent over from all of my cousins and bestfriends lol haha just kidding

Okay, so going away and starting a new life was hard but so exciting. It is so beautiful of adrenaline. Because, its like You can die or you can live and thrive. There is no in between for someone like me. Real dramatic ass bitch lol But for real I am an Indigenous brown Native women no one gives a fuck if we wash up on a river somewhere we have the highest missing and murdered numbers in USA Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Utah etc Most of the states. And in Canada Native American Indigenous women bar none have the highest numbers missing and murdered numbers in the country.

SO me venturing off it is like I know I will be safe but this is just some reality that some people need to understand.

But since I was little I never worried or was scared of going places. I found out later its because I have these 3 guys always walking on my left side and they are warriors of past one is Korean and looks like your dad. Just kidding. No but one has a huge Samarai sword so I am sure that is Korean/Japan origination and the other two are Look British with metal armor. So, those three guys are always on my left side as guides always protecting me and they saved me twice when I was little too, not only them but several others. There are 7 main Spirit guides that are with me at all times. Ya know back in the day like 1600's there use to be only 3 or 4 at most assigned to people funneling through from Heaven Kisikok coming here because the Earth wasn't in such dire straights.

Now it is in the most craziest time in the history of the universe with this darkness and lightness fight thus we need extra guides in this journey at present so now more than ever we as humans are reincarnating with more Spirit Guides. Protecting assigned to each person more so than ever before in the history of the world.

But Like I always say to folks if you want shit Done go directly to God. Source God. Just go to the big boss when you want shit done done. Pray to the God Head. Source. Creator. What ever u call Source God. Just ask him directly for what you want.

Its great to go to Arch Angel's etc but its always great to ask direct. There is a feminine part to God & masculine. I call them Papa Omm and Mama Anza. I Ask mama Anza for when I want shit done asap. She comes thru because that part of Creator is ever present on the Earth. And can weave faster.

Some people see Mama Anza show herself as Mother Mary, Yemaya, White Buffalo calf Woman, Lakshmi, etc. What ever the people of the tribe feel and resonate most with.

I always address the female part of God Source as Mama Anza. The masculine part I say Papa Omm. One of the same. The two being the same ONE.

I adore with my whole heart and whole soul Mother Anza though because she comes through and the female part of Creator has more leverage on the earth realm where as the masculine part is more over all universal leverage. I pray to them both as a whole but when I want certain things on Earth I always address my Divine Mother. Because I love her and she is so beautiful and she shines and she needs to heal the feminine power on this planet because there is such an imbalance thus the genocide and rape of mother earth at this time.

And it worked. Being on my own and really facing new things head on and hitting life head on I learned a lot about My self and what I needed to heal within me. I am thankful for the tough road because it made me the strong, wise woman I am today

Not saying I'm mf Perfect asf

I'm just saying I'm a better version of myself.

I love my family. I honor where I'm from I know where I came from.

I also honor the healed me today and the lived experiences I continue to live as each day unfolds. We have soul family at every leg of the journey.

You are never alone. Honor those who come and those who leave. Honor each persons journey with love and compassion.

Love YOUUUUUU !!!!!!!

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