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How I make it Through Tough Times!!!

TT. Double Cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon all that TT. lol Tough times. Look, as gorgeous and perfect as my life may be portrayed to some people I have hard times. Those hard times are what now, that I look back have made me and I am so thankful for the painful Fck my life times. I can honestly look back at my life now and be like WOW thank YOU GOD that I got to go through that dark time. It made me STRONG AS FCK.

For real I am not kidding I can sit here and look back and be like wow !!!!

Hurt & heart break is just weakness leaving the body. You got to go through the emotions you can’t skip the dousing period. You cant just go out and get fcked up hammered and expect the pain to magically go away. Nawwww if anything that will prolong the healing time. I am so happy that I raw dogged it and just cried and stayed in bed a sad fucken bitch so many of those hard times in my life. No one held my hand. I was alone in my condo in the turtle position just holding myself with a fuck load of hair loss, and days of no sleep just thinking of ways to kill myself.

In those deep dark times that is when you are in so much pain that hopelessness that you have no choice eventually to be at peace, accept the pain. Close your eyes and see God. You are God. You are the Creator You are the magician the maker of your life to create your healing period to be accepting, acceptance of the situation or predicament that you are in. And to understand that no you do not have an evil spirit upon you it is actually YOU vs YOU really in this bitch. Your mind will have you thinking that the power the key to healing your broken heart is outside of you but in fact it aint!!!!! It is with you!!!! You are the KEY TO YOUR HEALING YOU AND YOU ALONE!!!!

DON”T EVER give anyone the mf power outside of yourself to have that much power you’re your life!!!!! Especially have someone have control over your emotions a counselor, a drug a pill Prozac, Xanax nawwww that also counts as putting off your healing you mine as well drink alcohol leaning onto pills and potions are the same thing. They weaken your vessel your body and numb you. That numb time period is you ripping yourself off of healing time. You prolong your healing with pills and potions. YOU need to cry and admit that fuck yeah I am heartbroken like a mother fucker and I do not want to live anymore. You got to admit these thoughts stop fighting them and resisting them. The more you resist these thoughts and act like you are not heartbroken and nothing is wrong the more you are fucking yourself up.

TO get back to that HAPPY Beautiful cheery person that you are, you got to go through the motions. That requires a lot of alone time. That requires a lot of bedroom time with you and you alone and that kleenox box and some sad ass heart breaking movies that really burst open the hoover damn of clogged up emotions you keep nailed up inside. You need to let that damn break down so the waterworks can happen. Because fuck yeah this life is a bitch to live some weeks and yes it gets hard to do this whole being human alive thing. Fuck yeah it is a bitch. And that is okay. It was meant to be this way. We got to remember this earth life is meant to teach us lessons. Otherwise our bitch ass would have stayed up in heaven paradise happy hunting grounds and danced, sanged and been living the real ecstasy life. Welcome to life, the journey to death.

But remember there is no such thing as death just a transfer of worlds. Your energy spirit soul is eternal and just transmutes back to home. So, remember that the hard times will come and they do come and they are normal as fuck. This life is beautiful and great and amazing at times. But, we also got to remember this life is not all sunshine and rainbows and it will beat you to your knees but you will get up and you got to keep going. You aint bitch made. You have 20,000 ancestors watching your every move. Call upon them also, in the darkest of hours and be like hey my heart is really fucken broken let me vent hear me out. Than vent to them because you chose to come to earth a lot of them said fuck that shit and stayed up there in paradise because they know that this earth planet is the hardest of colleges and it is where the original gangster spirits reincarnate in the universe. This planet is the crazy asylum of the universe.

SO, don’t be too hard on yourself you did choose this planet cuz you are solid as fuck and you knew that your soul could handle it. There are other planets where they don’t even go through the whole drawn out process of death like pain of cancer or heart problems, they actually just step through the veil when they are ready to pass on and than they are in paradise that is there death on some planets. Real weak sauce eh? Cheap asses. But we got to remember Humans are unique. Our planet is thick and dense with low frequency. So, our vessels are strong as fuck compared to a lot of other species in the universe. Laugh or cough you can kill another species if in the same vicinity this is how powerful emotion is on this planet. I can write a whole book on how important emotion is on this planet. Maybe I will one day. That is how important emotions are on this planet and this is why it is important that you have that self-realization that the emotions you experience the highest highs and the lowest lows must be embraced equally. Make friends with the darkness because it is just as important as the high happy times. Once you are at peace with the heartbreak and heart ache times, that acceptance, that sitting with the feeling alone in your bedroom hand on your heart. Just talk to yourself “I feel you I know you are heartbroken I love you and its okay to be heartbroken I feel you and I am here for you I am not leaving anywhere.”

That self-talk does miracles. The most important voice or speech you will ever hear are your own so speak strength, speak health, speak self compassion, speak self-love, speak patience into your healing and strengthening times. Because, end of the day there are no such thing as hard times just STRENGTHENING TIMES.

So, embrace the dark times they are just as needed and appreciated as the happy as eff times. The dark times embrace them like you would and old friend and be like ooooop here we go. Here we go again. Because trust and believe baby this is not the first time that you have been through hard times and it is not the last in this life. YOU GOT THIS TAKE SOME DAYS TO CRY AND HEAL AND FEEL AND PUNCH SOME PILLOWS, YELL, SCREAM, JOURNAL. Embrace & Know this too shall pass.


Joe Tracy Guided Hypnosis meditations on YOUTUBE are Free & helped me I use them everyday. Try one I dare You, It will show you how much work you got to do on your mental Exercise mental strength. Stop turning your problems from mole hills to mountains with meditation. Stop your fucked up thoughts. Exercise your brain. Mediate. Lay in bed and meditate.

Tough times don’t last tough people do!!!!!


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