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Like, actually... This Movie ONWARD. I feel it on such a hearts fire deep level. Like, I have never fit in, I lived, live in another world in my head... Okay so my eccentric young co worker came and interrupted my train of thought of the magical world I had in my head.. oh yeah and my co-worker Im not even lying has unicorn hair the best dye job in real human Hair I have ever seen in my life... Okay, but going forward

I love this movie so much and watch it over and over because growing up I always felt like a loser and like a weirdo, and I never fit in anywhere. I had my bestfriend Ryan when I was 5 and 6 when I first started Kindergarten and Grade One and we had the same special ed teacher. For my first couple years of my life .. my school life I had a one on one special ed teacher because I did not listen or I was never in Class I was astrally deuced out fuck it was boring as fuck. Always was it is too boxed in and not interesting.

That is one of the main reasons why I have held off on having kids, is because I want to be financially set so I can home school my babies and teach them myself. Show them shit that they will actually benefit from like Self Love, art of martial arts, magic shit, astral traveling, healing the earth, how to lift, how to garden, sports, helping ppl, taxes buying land etc

kay be right back tb continued...

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