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I got my ass Beat as a Teenager. I know How it is to get Dragged, Beaten,Humiliated & my clothes torn off til I'm naked thrown outside in the middle of a fkn Busy city. I know how it is to have an abuser smash ur windows open trying to get to you. I know how it is to use make up to cover both black eyes. I know how it is to lie and hide things from ur Family because "you love him" I know how it is to be told "you're just another Native woman u will be stuck on the rez with 5 kids on welfare" "no man will look at you twice besides me" . I know how it is to make Excuses for him like he was sexually abused as a kid or his dad neglected him he grew up rough. Trust me I know.


Thing is Abuse is Abuse. The abuser has a Choice to heal & stop the cycle of Abuse. Instead they choose to be weak. Because that's what they are is weak. Too weak to Discipline there Mental, spiritual & Soul to Stop patterns of Abuse.


It is not your fault what Happened to you as a kid, but it is your RESPONSIBILITY to HEAL it


There is so Much Help out there Women Shelters Across Canada that will Gladly take You & Your children or Just You & Even change ur Identity. There Is HELP OUT THERE YOU ARE NEVER ALONE !!!!!!! Leave Before its too Late !!! So Much Toll Free Numbers to Call for Women's Shelters in the Next state or Next Province !!!! Don't expose your babies to Violence Please !!!

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