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I Love YOU.

When I love myself 100 & wear makeup & feel good I do not need anything outside of me. Not needing anything attracts everything. When I'm so in love with myself I attract everything I want. I'm happy & I can do my passion in life!! With wholeness & Magnetic energy.

I am not lonely anymore I am not depressed anymore when I fully show up for myself & love myself.

Always pay the house first. -Casino Rule.

When I put myself first & cut out the external world each morning honoring my sacred space within me & Creator Source, I am over whelmed with Love & Wholeness.

Always Pour into your Magic First. You are the love of your life. Make it a habit starting today or tomorrow morning. Keep a calendar check it off that u poured into you first. This includes healthy boundaries. Shut your cell phone off at times of self love. Make self love appointments with yourself daily. You are more than deserving of all the magic and love you pour into others This is the key to healing all depression & sadness.

Go into the forest & run. Organize a walking group. Do things that make your heart full & happy. You are worthy & deserving.

Download Fancy by Drake & Nice for what By Drake & Compliments by Tank. Songs to G you up & REMEMBER who tf You Are you sexy ass bitch.

I love YOU.

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