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Indigo Girl.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

I had this client her name was Amanda. She was an Indigo she is 37 years old today but looks 21 years old and her eyes are galactic and without trying she spits bars of wisdom.

Amanda is a drug addict. Like most Indigo children who were born too early and were too eager that came too early to this earth. They were too sensitive to the time of 1985. That mid 80 time alot of Indigo children came in and took on more than they realized in this lifetime. They were still too sensitive and empathic to the hard earth energy. And of course as an Indigo Child you choose the hardest childhood.

I always think about Amanda she is such a starseed Indigo living looking elf.

She looked like a magical elf because her eyes were magic and she was ageless. Starseed child she looked like a magical elf and was wise beyond ions and when u looked into her eyes u seen the cosmos. She walked with magic and was magnetic, obvious healer on this planet and she didn't know it.

She looked 12 years old for life little acronym boy body she came into this life too fast too quick, she underestimated the threshold of this heavy earthplane to the heavens plane our real home up above... well kind of above dimensionally heaven aka happy hunting grounds is just a couple feet above our reality plane.

We are actually the unreality and the other side is the reality. Totally matrix yes, so go ahead murder ur neighbour Lol just kidding it still counts here.

Indigo children born way too early onto this planet ended up becoming drug addicts and alcoholics because they are too heart centered and not enough ground. Balanced root chakra energy. The root chakra is the most important chakra to heal. This is where Ypur financial gain is gained.

Not enough healing to there roots equals suppression of childhood trauma. There root chakra. You need the root chakra to be healed as a psychic/indigo/empath/E.T/angel/empath. As a person in general. Heal this. It needs to be rotating and spinning Hella fast.

Otherwise you're a sucker for this Low vibing ass energy down here.

Heal the Root & Grounding is the Medicine for any Starseed Indigo. Root chakra healing & Grounding Daily

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