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Jealousy Kills.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

My cousin my beloved cousin who is so beautiful inside and out and always has been even though she grew up rough she always kept a good heart.

She was partying with the wrong women and they jumped her beat her up and murdered her all because this one guy was taking a fancy to her at a bush party and this butch ass dusty bitch had a crush on him and got Hella jealous.

To the point where the big bitch jumped and murdered my cousin.

And this big bitch got away with it. That's why I dont trust to go around with just anyone and I have a huge wall up. I only let a few into my bubble and I dont go anywhere I ain't familiar with, with people I am not comfortable around.

I experienced Jealousy and hate towards me since I hit puberty at age 14. I know how snake shit works . Jealousy works from unhealed women and dark spirited men. All of them alike. I've been jumped, I've been lied on, I've been snaked on. All because of the way I look.

I have huge walls up and its quality over quantity of me. I am ice King to alot of people and it takes alot for me to let people into my bubble. Once you betray me you're out. I usually give one chance. Second time u fuck up you're out. I know my worth now. I know what I bring to the table. I now see what everyone else seen growing up.

I have the hugest heart in the world and am always loving & kind. This comes hand in hand now in being assertive and direct with my boundaries. I built my heaven on earth for myself and it took alot to get here. I only share it with people who I trust 100.

Its not your eenmenies who get you its always your own people, your closest friends, your bestfirends, your family-even your own parent. These people will sometimes try destroy you. I know in my own life I experienced all 3 of these relationships, bestfriends, friends, family and my own birth mother try destroy me- kill me - try homicide me in some instances.

Thus, why when I adore you I adore you. Dont be naive to people. Don't open your heart asap. Follow your gut always follow your intuition but also don't let this world make you Cold asf. Use discernment but take your time with who you let into your bubble.

You are worthy of healthy, vibrant relationships. You are worthy of deep healthy love . Never forget that and start getting that in your head

I love YOU 👑

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