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Letting Go of Him

Letting go of Someone You care so much for is one of the hardest things in the world.

But keeping it G you got to do it for your own Mental Health because if you are constantly thinking of this person and his ass is not taking any action that bruh

He is renting space in your heart and your mind yet not showing action. Bark no Buck.

Nothing is tangible. You are left with Crumbs. Until he deserves to keep up space in your heart and mind he does not deserve you.

Leave him be and let it be. Do you. Do yourself the mental health favour and fuck off

So, instead of killing yourself softly with the feeling of longing and waiting... that sadness... that attachment that longing...

which derives from childhood never having love met from your parents always this insatiable need for love so that need longing for love is a pattern that you have been repeating since childhood. Starting wtih your basic needs of love not being met from your parents your care givers. So that feeling of longing has roots that are habitual from childhood.

Or past lives, soul contract hurdles etc that is a whole other mf. Nevertheless, Childhood the need for parents all the time always that familiar feeling of longing is a feeling you think is normal and it is not. Do not bend over backwards for a mf who is leaving you with crumbs.

Do yourself the favour right now and drop his ass from your heart. Pull that cord right out of your chest and your aura. Pull it right out uproot it out of your body and keep it from your body. You need to to do this cord uprooting from your body. not cord cutting. Cord uprooting and hurl it back at his as so he can keep his energy and you can work on filling your aura and heart up with sprinkley love and self love and healthy boundaries and falling back in love with yourself.

You are the person you been waiting for your whole entire life. I know it is hard as fuck to leave a mf who you are in love with moon stars and sun. But bitch, .. where is he? When is last time yall spoke?? Did he ever go out of his way for you as much as you have for his ass?

If not back the fuck off and grab that uproot that cord that attaches you and hurdle it back to his ass and start pouring your beautiful magic into you and fuck him . Eff anyone for that matter and focus and do you. Imagine one day meeting someone who loves you as much as you love someone. Just work on yourself babe. Do your passions and your hobbies and those things that set your soul on fire.

Say no to energy drainers and do you. Rest and Cry and let go.

Rest, cry and let go and surrender to the magic that is God. And let your heart heal and let go. You deserve healthy reciprocated love. Healthy Full love.

I love you XOXO

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