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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Remember we are constantly changing. Remember we all carry baggage. Remember you are always perfect the way you are at this time In your life. Alot, of the time we try achieve perfectionism before we take on what our heart desires such as Love:

"When I lose 10 lbs"

"When I fit into that dress"

When these scars go away

When my credits good.

Remenber you limit yourself by your thoughts & the way you speak to yourself & this includes that inside voice you may feel that no one else may hear. But thing is that little voice how u talk to yourself is the most important voice in the world. You have complete control over your life or the situations that arise in your life. The key is to ease through situations with faith & grace.

Where I lagged within partnerships was my own perfectionism. I had high expectations of myself so I pained I put that on my partner or potential partner. I am I was so hard on myself in all areas of my life I held everything i did physically, materialisticlly & career-wise to such a standard within my ownself that I didnt realize that I was missing out on a lot of life.

It was a really crazy ass high expectation with now looking back im like holy fck Baptiste sermon where everything is the devil lol hahaha like nothings good enough. I'm a Virgo south node so I perfected Virgo tendencies in all my lives so it also has to do with Virgo tendency to be a perfectionist sometimes to a fault.

To be continued...

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