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BE IT BLACK OR WHITE... sounding like Michael Jackson lol But for real whether it Native or White, Old or Younger, Freshly divorced or freshly separated. Love has no bounds and in a healthy matter.... Love happens when Love happens.

Someone won't look the same to you anymore, Someone will be more beautiful to you than ever Before. Someone will glance at you at that precise moment when you're stuffing your face and you just finished yard work and you feel like you look like shit, but to that person it looked like God just dropped one of the most beautiful angels in the world and let them grace Earth.

Love happens when it is going to Happen and the best love happens when it isn't planned or you have no pre-conceived notion that it is going to happen it just happens.

And that is the best kind of love. The love that happens by what seems to be a mf accident.

That day when you left the house thinking its another mf day in Mr. R

ogers neighborhood. But that is how the universe works. Sets the plays in motion at the exact most beautiful time.

Because God is too mf powerful and beautiful for there to be such thing as accidents. That is fuckery I can't stand when folks are like "God works in mysterious ways" no he MF doesn't you slow bitch.

Why would the Creator of the mf Universe be that slow and shit for stuff to happen by accident. There is no such things as accidents in life. This life is equipped where everything is set in motion.

Even the hard bad times. All is free will choice mixed with the road journey that you have set out for your soul in this lifetime. It is all weaved together by the spiritual sacred Spirit. It is actually pretty gorgeous. As you forgive and love more and become more compassionate and less judgmental you will learn to become more Open to seeing things are just "BE".


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