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Shit happens at Age 27

Everyone always goes through painful times at age 27 -or well into pain at age 27. Always around this age. This is called your Saturn return. Every person on this earth has to go through this.

It is here to help you with your emotional development. Which means Saturn return is painful asf.

The reason it's called Saturn return is because no matter where u were born in this world or what time what year what minute the planet Saturn takes 27 years in human years to pass around the sun. Where as earth takes 365 days - Saturn takes that times 27. So, by the time you are 27 years old I promise the planet Saturn went around the sun one time. Real Fucken long lord of the rings journey hey?

Saturn is the worst planet whe it returns at age 27. Or by age 27. It is a time when death happens and you go through something that was meant to destroy you.. its like your boss up from the universe or MAN UP from Creator. This earth life is about lessons & your Saturn return is definitely meant to teach you pain and emotional heartache. We all go through this . I know I have earth thru this myself and it was painful asf. I wanted to die. Trust I can go into depth about my life in my 20s it was painful but had happy moments too. A good mix but when it pained it pained hella hard like fml fuck this life hard. You will make it through anything by the age of 27 if you pass that age.

Keep going keep your head up & study please study your birth chart more. Billionaires study the stars. Real talk. It is mathematical & metaphysical FACTS



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