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You have options. Even when you feel like you don't have options and you feel all alone. Like I Always Say and I will always say and I will never back down from this; YOU HAVE MULTIPLE SOUL MATES OUT THERE IT JUST DEPENDS WHO GETS THERE SHIT TOGETHER IN TIME OF UNION. AKA TIME OF LINKING UP. It just depends on who can get there shit together in time of meeting. And remember there is something called FREE WILL CHOICE. YOUR LOVER LONG TERM BOOTY CALL IS OUT THERE!!!!!! DO NOT GIVE UP AND BE A SAD BITCH & THINK YOU HAVE TO SETTLE FOR SOMEONE WHO TREATS YOU HALF ASS OR TREATS YOU LIKE SHIT. EVERY SOUL walking this planet is given free will choice. FREE WILL CHOICE TO HEAL & LET GO OF THAT WALL THAT IS COVERING THE HEART. IN ORDER to let soul mate love in you got to make sure you are doing the work it takes to forgive those who have hurt you in your past. Abusive boyfriends. Backstabbing women, abusive parents, sexually abusive relatives, bullies who beat you up as a child or called you mean names. You got to let all of that go. Not for their benefit not for the kindness of your abusers in your past, but FOR YOU. You need to clear up that space for extra light to enter .It is like cleaning up your iPhone for extra storage space you need to clear up your heart chakra and let go and forgive those who have done you dirty. Not for there sake; but for yours. You unconsciously block your Blessings by holding onto resentment and pain from those who have hurt you so bad in the past. In your childhood. The main ones who hurt you being your parents. We choose our parents before coming here. We know the trials and tribulations and the trauma and the abuse we are going to experience for the most part being with them as children and as babies. This includes foster children or adopted. We all choose the care givers we are given with all the experiences the good and the bad. The bad includes abuse. Physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, emotional neglect, emotional abuse, spiritual neglect, pushing self hate on a child. Stunting there light and the essence of who they really are. From our painful pasts we can either become the villian or the hereon. We have this thing called free will choice in life. We can let the pains of our past turn us into the villians who hurt us.... OR or we can remain being the walking Strengths we are and instead know the suffering andthe pain that comes with abuse and CHOOSE to change that behaviour. To heal that cycle of abuse starting with you. AND the first step in healing the cycles of abuse and emotional healing from trauma of pain of the past is to FORGIVE.

I CANNOT Stress how important of a step in life this is. This has been the number one step in my own life

that CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER & UPGRADED My heart, mind, body, soul, finances, health ... was forgiving

the pains of the past and those abusers who abused me and letting go and healing the resentments of ppl

in the past before who I would imagine killing. I would be happy of thinking of a plan to kill them. It was me

hurting myself holding onto old stagnant energies low frequency memroies and thoughts that were no longer

serving me, nor doing me any good in my present life. Those abusers of the past were out there living

there best life not batting an eyelash to regret or remorse of the unforgiveable deeds they had done on me.

My Forgiving journey to help heal my Heart took well into my 30's. Healing is not a fast process from violent

childhoods. Healing takes a long time.

And is continous through out our life. Healing isn't linear. It is ongoing.

My Healing some years was in forgiving myself also. For the pain and the

hurt I did on others when I was in pain. Hurt people hurt people and I was paining on people in my younger days

because I was in pain. I FEEL like I did not grow up until I was 32 years old.

I feel like I wasn't a mature ass adult until u was 32 years old. AND each day I'm still learning things each and every day. I pray to be learning until the good lord takes me home !!!!

It wasn't until I had made peace with abusers from my past that I began to feel peace. My heart wasn't in constant pain anymore.

My Heart became more Open to receive light & love.

I was in Pain my whole life. My heart was broken my whole life until I was 32 years old until I woke up one day and my heart didn't ache.

My heart had been hurt and broken my whole life. My first life experiences on this planet were of violence, experiencing abuse, abandonment, neglect and addiction all around me and done to me.

It was my base line it was my norm. Violence & chaos & dysfunction were my norm.

I created this chaos that became my home; as a young adult. I was violent, and lived in chaos and dysfunctional relationships. It takes time to recognize toxic patterns and behaviors & to heal them and outgrow them.

FORGIVENESS & LETTING GO of pain of the past clears up your heart. The guck and the pain in your heart slowly fades away and heals.

Making room for love.... Healthy love to enter. For you to experience deep love. Healthy love. Calm love. Peaceful love. Mature love. Healed love.

The come up is emotional and spiritual.

Your energy becomes higher and your conscious becomes more clear and light. The more you forgive and let go of resentment of your abusers of the past the faster you can meet your equal.

You can link with your soulmate. Remember we have multiple soulmates and potential life mates.

It all depends who has there ahit together in time of union and who has done the work.

This meaning the internal work. No one is perfect we are continuously progressing.

Be the perfection in the imperfection & embrace your Healing. It comes in waves.

Love YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

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