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Soulmate Visual Exercise

Unplug Cords - Soul Connections along the way in your life that are no longer serving you.

You deserve deep LOVE on this Journey. As allotted:

DO THIS ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Exercise ⬇️⬇️

Hey this is a visual exercise to help people heal from co-dependency. Attachment. Meditate on this visual walk-through exercise my love.

Okay, imagine yourself as a kindergarten teacher that teacher that's off of that movie Happy Gilmore the happy crazy one with the rainbow outfit.

Okay so you're that teacher all happy and loving rainbow bright looking and you kneel down to your kindergarten babies who are all seated and you're the kindergarten teacher and your kneeling down teaching these little kids and you're trying to be eye-to-eye with them and stuff like that and you know you're very coaxing them encouraging them and you're giving them love and you're like squatted down at there eye level.

You are the kindergarten teacher that is really so damn sweet, so loving, so nurturing and so giving, really cute giving giving giving.

Now imagine the children being replaced by your parents. So you are in that same kneeled position being down with your parents who are laid down and you are doing that same nurturing, giving, giving,giving doing that to your parents give and give and giving really sweet your parenting your parents through their codependent issues through their addictions trying to make them happy all the time because they're so f****** depressed and they hate their lives and they were never taught mental health is key they were never taught to love themselves, so they were just talked to have kids early, marry early and than die- so you are kneeling down healing them talking to them giving to them, coaxing them - doing anything to try make them happy or notice you. You put there happiness and well-being ahead of yourself. Now doing this now imagine replacing those parents that you bend it over backwards for imagine those parents replaced as your lovers...

Imagine your parents now morphed into your boyfriend's as your spouse and you're squatted down at their level just loving trying to give them trying to make them happy trying to teach them and you're just so loving and you're squatting down just like at their level still trying to teach them in that manner and being patient still , compassionate and giving giving giving cuz that's the only love that you have ever known in a loving relationship is to give give give give..

Now visualize the door knocking on that kindergarten door and a big beautiful Hercules mother fcker walking straight in tapping you on the shoulder grabbing you by the hand picking you up turning you to himself and f*ckn embracing you and hugging you and kissing you and loving you and putting into your hands your itinerary to go to Hawaii with him cuz it's all paid for exclusive and an extra $1,000 for your rent & another set of blue jays tickets cuz that's what you deserve and guess what you both are standing equally to each other like the two cups and the lovers you guys are equal he's gives to you now gives give so be open to this be open to this start visualizing yourself and visualizing your patterns and the healing part of this because this fine ass big dick m**ther fcker is what you deserve so get used to it baby you get used to it and use this visualization every day standing up toe-toe eye to eye equal loving reciprocal healthy union.

Equal GIVE & TAKE, RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP eye to eye heart to heart. Visualize from up above a beautiful portal of white light coming down from the heavens and engulfing yall together hugging, facing one another, standing. Being blessed with the white light of the holy spirit surrounding you guys as you hold one another blessing your union from up above, blessing this equal union with your soulmate that you so much deserve and are worthy for. Imagine that white huge portal golden and white with rays and sprinkles of magic and love surrounding you two solidifying this union and protecting this. So it is so it is.

GET USE TO RECIEVING this type of treatment and being spoiled and loved so much emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. Do this exercise everyday for a month with root chakra music in the background with loving intention. Watch your energy shift.

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