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Thank You Pain.


We all go through Cycles we go through a couple weeks of deep depression because our body is feeling and healing Energies that need to pass through our bodies and leave forever. Depression is another form of healing and it's 100% normal. Depression and deep suicide thoughts are 100% normal.

And we have got to normalize this type of conversation instead of shunning it because shunning it furthermore makes it worse and puts off the healing. Embrace it sit with your Shadow side sit with IT the depression. The best way to heal depression and suicide thoughts is to actually sit with yourself and talk to yourself and say "It's okay I'm depressed right now and my heart is broken and that is 100% okay I feel you and I'm here for you "

-and instantly you will feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders instantly you guys I'm serious a huge fkn weight gets lifted off your shoulders as soon as you say these words it's like magic it's like magic to your body and it feels so fkn good and empowering because you're embracing yourself as you are.

You're going to want to lay around a lot you're going to want to just stay in bed all day and that's 100% normal because you're going to just be on survival mode even the happiest most hyperest person in the whole entire world is it's going to be like forceful to smile at people it's so fkn hard to even be surviving when you're going through a deep dark depression like honestly- but you come out of it - you always come out of it.

You will laugh again even though when you're in these dark times the tunnel of darkness seems to have no end. I PROMISE YOU THIS TOO SHALL PASS. HANG tight.

Everyone goes through these seasons of life you can't be fkn uppity & happy happy joyjoy all the fkn time 24/7- you definitely go through these Seasons where energy passes and you have to go through this deep dark night of the Soul.

It's all about the spiritual growth the spiritual Evolution and that emotional pain is weakness leaving your body and strength replacing it.

& you ain't no baby back btch you're a fkn Warrior that's why you chose to come here on Earth in this day and age. You came here for emotional pain emotional growth otherwise you would have stayed up and kisikokheaven paradise our real home -never had to put up with this s*** .

That's the whole thesis of your life this is why the fuck you came here to experience emotional pain.

No pain no gain you signed up for this shit & you're strong enough to Power thru it & feel it fully embrace in the pain swim in it so it passes.

I love YOU This too shall Pass I promise.. & thank you pain yourmoms a whore.

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