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The Nature.

If you don't Heal your Abandonment Issues you're going to bleed on every Lover you have you're going to pain on every Lover you have because you will Self Sabotage not knowing it.

Because of your Abandonment Issues-

How does this look like in relationship?

It looks like clinging too hard onto your Lover for fear of Abandonment so what you do is you actually control them - you actually have Control Issues & this is coming from the Baseline the root cause of that abandonment issue.

You cling so hard onto your partner out of fear out of attachment.

You got to dive back to your childhood and you got to heal that s*** and know that you are worthy of being smothered in love and forgive your mother & forgive your father for abandoning you.

& really say to your inner child speak to your younger self "hey I got you no one's going to ever abandon you again I got you- I love you I'm down for you for the rest of your life I'm holding my arms around you I love you, you are never going to be abandoned again you are Worthy of Love you are more than Worthy of Love you are Overqualified of Love you always were you always will be I love you!"

You are the Love of YOur Life. Pour into you always First. Self -Love is the cure to all Loneliness.

I Love You.

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