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Used Me.

Friends. Who used me for my light, my generosity, my money, my clothes, my finesse, my time.

Blood suckers who I didnt see at the time were using me & secret hating on me in the background.

All those Betrayals were Blessings.

Bc I was sleeping on me & Didn't see what they seen in Me.

Now after awhile lot of walking away, shedding, letting go & Choosing me I see My Light, I see my Shine, I see My Sunshine.

I now know my Self Worth & realize time is the real bag & where you choose to Put your fine ass either adds to your rosture or strips you from it.

Detox from People, Places & things that do Not add to your Prauna & release all guilt in choosing You over & Over again.

Time is money & time is one thing billionaires cannot buy back. Use your time & energy wisely bc Time is 💰

I love You.

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