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This Beautiful Soul. WILLIAM ARNOLD COMBES. Was the Last Living Witness to see the Qu33n and Prince Phil!p Kidnap 15 First Nations Kids including his Brother Ernie and Best friend George 1964 on his home First Nation in Kamloops. He was set to travel to England to stand as Primary witness at the opening session of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) that September 12th in England. He was 59 years old and of great health.

William would wander around the Okanagan area for the rest of his life after experiencing the events of that visit asking everyone where George and Ernie were or if anyone ever heard of them or seen them. He would travel to Vancouver the main drags and ask around for Ernie and George and describe them to a T, but it seemed like they disappeared without a trace. Disappeared without a trace after that summer day in 1964 when unannounced to BC newspapers the Qu33n and Prince Phi!ip stopped in at Kamloops residential school for Native American Children.

They chose the 15 most smartest and most athletic children from the younger grades and they went on a picnic. William recalls meeting them but not being chosen to go on the picnic and he was sad, he recalled the kids were instructed upon greeting the Qu33n and her husband to kiss there white shoes.

William always kept the same story for the rest of his life and was animate on speaking it to everyone and anyone who would hear him. The story was shared exactly as so to his Nurse at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. The Caucasian nurse who was last to aid William. She recalled he was younger 50s and healthy as an ox and there was no reason he should have medically incarcerated against his will. He was arrested from three strange men right before he was set to fly to England to vocalize what he witnessed to supreme Court Queens bench.

The nurse who was last with him had advocated to her superiors at St.Paul's on his behalf. The medical charts had said that William was medically incarcerated because he had TB. The nurse concluded that she had worked with many patients with TB and William had shown no such thing as TB. He was healthy and being held against his will for no apparent reason and the medication she was being assigned to give him did not make sense nor did she know what it was exactly for. She started to question the other nursing staff and ultimately questioned her superiors.

She got the table with her superiors and advocated for she knew that William was set to testify to the Supreme Court of Canada to testify but Got Medically arrested Forced Hospitalization on grounds he had "TB" right before he was set to leave for England.

While medically incarcerated she concluded to her superiors in Vancouver St. Paul's Hospital that he was of perfect health and that the shot she was giving him each day did not make sense. Once, she spoke up to her superiors she got forced to another hospital and heard not long after that he died from "TB"

William told the nurse that the 3 men approached him before he was set to leave for Ottawa and force arrested him while he was walking on the street. William said they were wearing suites and definitely government sovereign.

William until the day his soul went back home never gave his power away. He died on this earth speaking the truth until the very end and never stopped until he was heard. He was set to be heard and was than hushed.

He was wrongfully taken from this earth.

Love & Prayers to William Combes for Dying in Dignity speaking up for what is right & never being bullied to lie. He died with Honor.


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