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So, a Bear is my Spirit Animal at the moment. It changes up on each leg of your journey and stage in your life. The knowledge and gifts given THAT YOU NEED AT THAT LEG OF YOUR JOUNEY IN that specific leg of your journey in this LIFE THE ACCUSTOMED ANIMAL TOTEM WILL DECIDE TO ACCOMPANY YOU. You guys will become homies. It is like a Spirit guide essentially.

My last totem 4 months ago was a Swordfish. Which, not to be bias, is my favorite because when they guide you at certain parts of your life they are swift asf, svelte, strong asf, graceful, smart, quick and will kill ya if need be, they are an intuitive animal so connected to God and go with the flow. I love the sword fish as a totem they can maneuver flow with anything but at same time strong asf.

Before that for a year or two maybe less I had a cougar lady following me around... not a literal old ass Cougar Woman but a Cougar a Real female Lion. She was helping to heal my anger issues and show me how to walk away and pick my battles in life and she was helping me heal my sadness and anger issues for along while there.

She would send me situations to test my anger and see if I was secure enough within myself to walk away. You know how Bruce Lee walks away when bullied from all those bad-guy assholes in those old movies. Like that she was getting me to that level of un-bothered. And I must say I am succeeding. Because keeping it real who would want to waste time and energy on a fucken retard. They will beat you with experience for real. Any fool can hit a guy takes true strength to walk away.

Sometimes the cougar or female lion spirit would watch me fail my tests and look at me like, "omg you're a fricken imbecile" and roll her eyes and come she would come help me from hurting myself or dying. She was huge! Bigger than a lion an she just had this air about her that she was strong ass fuck an did not have to prove anything because she was secure enough to just know. Her aura an energy Exemplified it. Anyone in her vicinity just knew not to fuck with this lion for real.

Before that I had a fox who was prominent with me helping me Guiding me for awhile while I learned and traveled and studied. That was when I attended the law program. That red fox made sense to be following me guiding me at that time because they are cunning and swift. Key word cunning.

Spirit animals; what I was taught from Spirit world, become prominent and step forward on different legs of your journey pending on the lessons being acquired, absorbed and learned. They are here to help protect u, teach you and guide you on that leg of your Journey. You have different ones that step forward at the time allotted in your life.

Now also take into account that we have already several Spirit animals we are born with onto this plane and they walk with us throughout life; beside us. Constants.

But when you need that extra Wisdom & Help that's when the Spirit animal comes in at different legs of your journey in this life .

Okay beautiful Loves!!! Love you lots!!!! Mweestttusss Talk SOON HIYHIY!!!


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