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Papa ♡

You think death would take a break but you just learn to live with the numbness after awhile and than one day you realize your smiling again.

One day years later you realize you can actually smile and mean it.

Its like that Perma-pain that constant heartbreak in your chest you learn to live with after devouring 50 peanut butter in 2 years not ice cream peanut butter jars.

I try not to miss you so much bc I want you to be happy and free.

Ever since you left you took a part of me.

Now I struggle to breathe.

I struggle to see.

Your birth day in spirit world is August 2nd

Now I'm left here everyday learning to life

Learning to walk learning to live.

You were such a constant presence.

I didnt know I needed you so much til

You left .

If I could take every day back when you were alive & spend them with you I would.

I am slowly learning how to laugh again and walk.

But I see your favorite chocolate and fave food and I choke up.

I smile & talk to you in my head "daddy remember you use to love that"

I use to walk around dead inside after you left.

Now I'm more healed as years went by it still feels like yesterday.

I wish I could have been a better daughter.

But I know you say "Dont feel guilt you did your best at the time with what you knew my girl"

Sometimes this life gets so hard i wish u lived here with me.

I know you had your demons and I did too.

Either way I love you and I know you love me too.

Your day is August 2nd spirit world welcomed you back home that was the day I let you go and return.

I love you so deep that I promise I will try live my life happy without you.

I did everything you wanted me too I think I over did a little tho lol if you know what I mean. You do know what I mean lol you brain washed me.

I love you So much Teddy Bear.

We have a bond special to us something we don't share with anyone.

My brothers can hate but they feel it too.

The bond of a daughter and dad unique & true.

Hi from the physical plane please be having fun and traveling galactic timeliness in the mean time til I join you.

Love You & Please stay Happy ILU

HAPPY Spirit Home Day Papa August 2nd

Love Your Daughter in Spirit Forever Eternity!

Cherish Love Bear

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