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Abundance MINDSET!!!! Atlantis Empire Repeat

Baby don't do that whole stingy greedy shit. This world is abundant and the more you help others and teach them the way of abundance the better! That whole keeping the Knowledge bullshit is so NWO reptilian survival petty. Reptilian dinosaur people LIzard people mindset that whole FIGHT OF FLIGHT Survivor mode. That whole go and clean out isles of ass wipe because fuck old people elders and people who are handi-capped mentality.

This world has more than enough resources to share and go around. There are alot of beautiful happiness and success to go around.

Do not let the one percent get into fooling you that this world is limited. Only, Creator can make that call when it is time for our time our civilization. And, right now we are in that pinnacle new age of Aquarius, exactly 12 thousands years ago from the exact opposite of the wheel of Atlantis downfall. There age of prominence and highest EMPIRE stature was exactly 12 thousands years ago in the time of LEO. LEO's most shadow aspect though, which is EGO. The false sense of PRIDE that EGO. Atlantis 12 thousand years ago relinquished vanquished there civilization due to greed.

So, we are at this point exactly the same time cycle adjacent to the most rise of the modern day Empire NWO order. The dark ones who I will call Dark Ones are working for greed, and selfish fight or flight mode ideals, far removed ideals from the God Source Creator energy of LOVE.

They are operating on greed and selfish means thinking we are separate from one another not knowing that we are all connected and what you do to your brother also affects you. Like they give a fuck at this point though they sold there souls so stupidly forgetting that this earth life is a drop in the bucket of eternity. So, they rather sell there souls for billions of dollars and stomp on who ever child labour to get there so they can have there 50 years or so of filthy rich status.

Have atter son. I would rather keep my soul all fresh and so clean outkast so sparkley and shit because I know that his earth life is a drop in the mf bucket of eternity. SO suck my metaphor big dick. HOllywood is full of empty shells of rich folks who can't even enjoy there bounty because they sold out and now there vessel is housed from an entity most of the time. While the poor soul wanders outside of the vessel. Sometimes, so long that they just go back to spirit world because there soul has been so checked out of there vessel so long that an dark entity completely has it over now.

That guy who owned little saint James that one who got "su3&ided" in his prison cell. Him he is a prime example of sold his soul and no longer there checked out since he was 19 years old and his vessel was housed from a dark dark entity. Thus, why he ran his huge child pedo ring. You need no conscience to be so heartless to little kids.

Anyways, get back to the topic of life here ABUNDANCE. The world is forever providing LOVE and angels in the form of friends who give you what you need. This world is endless possibilities and alls it takes is some elbow grease and work. To heal and build the life you want. Know that everything you put out in the world is noted. Beautiful and negative actions all have RETRIBUTION. Newtons third law. Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, keep this in mind and know that they see all.

Anyways, Love YOu so much YOu cute little Stinker XO

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