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This world is so Beautiful & HUGE & Miracles do Happy Everyday !!!!

Manifestation Works !!! Everything I Have ever dreamt of since I was a Little sad lonely poor ass kid has manifested in my Life.

I use to apologize for being Happy & Choosing me. But I am done feeling Guilty about choosing ME & BEING HAPPY.

This happened after I said No To People, Places & Things who used me Took from my Light & Tried to Extinguish My Light 💡🌞

NEVER let anyone take Your Power!!!

Or extinguish your Light. Always stand 10 toes on your Power & Keep Vibrating in your Love, Truth & Light !

God always Protects his stronger Warriors. When you Shine bright Dark Forces will try bring you down Dont let em" Dont give them your attention do not Give them your Energy.

They are meant to come & Try hinder Your Progress. When I say stand on your Power. Do it Humbly Do it without Ego. Do it with Love of Your Boundaries and Love of your Inner Child.

Do Not Ever Abandon Yourself again! That lost little child that was Once You still cries out for Your Safety, and protection & Guess what? YOU are old enough and healed enough to always protect that little you within now. Time to heal, time to feel safe at play, time to smile and be safe and happy. Do you boo. Always do what makes you happy regardless of what this looks like to others.

Always honor your Boundaries. People, places, situations and things will always try come in your life to try break you down.

But God always Protects his strongest Light warriors. That is You.

So stay in the faith stay being Kind Stay in the Light.

What happens in the dark always comes to the Light 💡🌞 Always. BET.


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