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Atlantis Fuckery smh

We are at the same time line that Atlantis was in 16,000 years ago when they destroyed there Beautiful Civilization.

They had a choice to take it easy and not be Greed Driven & Ego-tistical as fuck but they started to over-do it start calling themselves God. When they should have been preaching we are all Gods and Goddesses within aka apart of source God Divine lives in all of us.

But naww they went ham and got Humanoids to start worshipping them acting like they were the ONE the almighty God. SMH. So, yeah Atlantians started going around the Liy lines around Earth to every colony pyramid around earth and started fighting one another where there should have been governments all around earth reaching consenus it turned into a tyrannical empire. With the original Atlantian main hub starting to annihilate entire cities with crystal atomic technology. They went genocidal in the name of greed and tyranny and dictatorship. They separated from Earth Gaia thinking that they were above Earth Gaia and not one with the Earth.

We are one with the Earth. And they were raping and exploiting her. So the power shift was imbalanced and the Earth does what the Earth needs to do to protect itself. It shifted massive poles and within 50 year time frame Snow melted massively and the flood took out the main Atlantian Islands as well as many Atlantian colonies. Thus, why in every area of the world we have a flood story.

We are at that crossroads right now. We have reached a point in our time when we are connected to every civilization on Earth. We have to make Balance and unity within ourselves, our homes and Earth.

We know we see the ones in Power who are tyrannical and greedy. We see this and it is time not to let our whole world be wiped out again but this time to know our STRENGTH lies our NUMBERS and that we need to shift our consciousness as a whole.

So, we remember our last civilization, and we do not repeat the same mistakes they did.

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