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Atlantis TINGS

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Okay, I did not even I was not even going to write about Atlantis today but as soon as I got on here I was like fuck it My Heart is so damn obsessed and possessed with my past life in Atlantis. It was my first time doing this whole earth school place was actually an Island that does not exist there anymore off of the West Coast of Africa off ish of the Canary Islands. This is where those people.... eee "those people" lol hahaha Like I am segregating there asses lol hahahaha Its funny when you are racist or bias to a genocidal community of people and you were one of them in a past life eh? LOL like for example I am Native American as eff in this life time and sometimes get fn angry at the Queen that old ho mitt because she kidnapped so many First Nations kids from Residential schools sniff-ening there young magical sprinkley energy to keep her alive because we all know this b is the King Lizard of the world. She is the Head child trafficking kingpin. That is whole ass other story chilleeee. Okay, to simplify it she is the head reptilian the Queen so she feasts off Adreno%&me. That is why kids run from her ass when she does those public visitations. Man I am actually going to go up there and erase A*#&chrome so My Blog does not get taken down like my YouTube channel got taken down because I was talking about the V-a-c-c- ine .. I was talking about this and how it effects the protein synthesis in the DNA of mankind long term and because I was talking facts mfs got mad and kept taking my video's down.

They are so fearful (dark ones) that we are finally unlocking the truths to the world now that they doing everything they can to shadow ban facts and keep everyone asleep at this time and age and they know the dark ones that live in this world that this time of enlightenment was coming that is why they have there panties in a wad about all this.

Anyways, I always digress eh? That's me I go on a tangent then end up in the Sirius galaxy or some shit. Okay, so lets talk lets get back to Atlantis.

My heart always always always was obsessed with Atlantis. I always had past life memories funnel into my heart and mind and body when I would astral travel about being in the ocean loving the ocean, Island life, Magic life and above all ocean and water. I did a past life regression and this was all confirmed my Atlantis life 36 lives ago was my first experience Spirit God essence Cherish having a spirit experience in my first Human body vessel was in old ass land Atlantis which is now under water that Island I originated on and had my first life. That made so much sense to me because my heart was always obsesssed with Atlantis and resonated with the mf Canary Islands and I didn't know why. I guess, the Canary Islands is where Atlantian's hung out too in there origination here on earth 18,000 years ago. Canary Islands is where they set up shop too a lot of the time !!!!!!

Like, hf I was mind blown!!!! All of this made sense why my heart and soul was just so in love with Atlantis. It is like my happy heart memory that always makes me happy and I can never stop studying or astral traveling, asking, visiting the place.

Anyways, we are repeating the same cycle right now that lead to Atlantis ending. They utilized great technology that was so fucken phenomenal you guys ... one day I will make video's of the full on tea of Atlantis and day to day life... So, we are repeating Atlantis times right now. They are abusing the collective trying to force shit on us and take our freedom eventually leading us all to our demise. Or at least the mass population. It is like a massive extermination on all yall cockroach asses... lol mfs lives don't matter today lol Wow crazy how we are living in a time when our own leaders are trying to mf kill us and they aint even shy about it either smh no shame in there genocidal game.

Anyways, this is just a brief summary on what is going on right now. The corruption of this civilization and the slow, sneaky, evil dark tactics that propaganda is trying to brainwash the masses.

Stay in love though and stay in light. Stay in love WHICH IS THE TRUTH!!!!

We are watching History repeat itself. Atlantian empire killed themselves back than due to greed and genocide so some of you Starseeds who lived back than may be extra af scared scared because this is deep DNA feelings of living through another trauma mixed with bubbling up undealt with trauma form your Atlantis life. So, it is like double bang Starseed Warrior feels coming up all so Traumatic and all so opportunistic to be HEALED & SHARED!!!!

Share your Experiences and share SPEAK YOUR TRUTH baby & KNOW YOU AINT alone you Beautiful Starseed & wow I just looked on side of my computer and there is a baby spider crawling up my laptop. I love spiders. They are beautiful and spiritual. There is a part of our intristic universe that has a batch of spiritual love spiders that wove good karma to several species in the universe. Web of Life Web Of Love.

Okay, my loves This was quite the Speal I know lol I love you guys so Much & You are not alone in your awakening on awakening and downloads on downloads. I am so happy to be alive at this time and to share it with all of you Beautiful warrior Starseed Love Souls!!! Warriors of LOVE & LIGHT!!!

You were Built for this Time.

And if my brother is reading this I LOVE you.


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