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Attachment is the root of all pain. A young boy asked a Lakoda elder what is poison? And the elder said anything in excess is poison.

Meaning anything you have an abusive relationship with. Mine for example is attachment to escapism of my mind. Escaping the present moment through watching too much YOUTUBE, or escaping through staying so fucken busy with my life. Yes, working way tf too much is also escapist technique to escape the reality of the pain in your heart. As humanitarian who loves to help people I used this tactic after my dad passed. He is my world. He was my son in the most recent life and we have had many lives together so our bond is strong still is strong. I worked for a whole year 7 day work weeks all year round Christmas and the likes. It did not phase me. When I did have a day in between I would sit alone in my apartment there in front of my 80 inch TV with a jar of peanut butter and eat my feelings that whole year and just feel dead inside when I would sit be still. I was escaping the grief and loss process that whole first year but no matter what you do the resistance of the pain is what hurts the most. Because it is inevitable you have to face it one day. Unless the pain is too unbearable and you decide to suicide or slow suicide.

I was attaching myself to working too much. I was attaching myself to money and material goods that time I had an unhealthy attachment to eating my feelings away that year. I was still going to the gym 4 to 3 times a week but I was abusing food. Anything in excess is poison for your mind, body and spirit.

I felt so fucken dead inside. I did not want to live on this earth much of the time so I ceased to exist and just worked my life away constantly ignoring the pain of the healing process. The natural healing process our ancestors would just do naturally on all walks of life. Stay in there village huts because there was no such thing as this chaotic toxic masculine 9 to 5 bullshit.

I would escape the pain on days off with eating more peanut butter that would last a normal household probably two decades and I aint fucken lying. In one sitting I would watch family guy and eat half of a big jar. It was also a prior unhealthy relationship I had developed with food at a younger age which I did not come to full terms with and realize this unhealthy relationship pattern with food until I was 32 years old.

Everything in the dark always comes to the light that is just how it works. That food thing came up when I was 32 years old we were going through a Chiron cycle. Chiron in orbit happens few and far in between but when it comes it brings of the light activation codes of your body of your childhood traumas. It is such bitch galactic orbit but it comes to bring up that is hidden within us, usually from childhood trauma or past lives. Unearths this pain so we can realize it and heal from it learn from it and shed it. Gain knowledge and strength in the process. Fucken Chiron your moms a ho. But thank you at same time because I am a strong bitch for facing that hard af time.

Anyways, attachment dependency over load on anything is not good and will just further put off the inevitable. So, fucken drop the habit of going on YouTube watching the same shit over and over again or drinking alcohol every free minute, sexing everything walking, eating your feelings and really face your shit head on

Attachment to a workplace, attachment to a public identity, attachment to a person, instead attach yourself to your goal in this life your purpose in this life because that will never leave you. So say for example you are a warrior and humanitarian life purpose. Well than just stick to that cause when and if ppl want to know. Take it easy tho eh don't fucken over do it Braveheart Gladiator speech lmfao Just take it easy and follow your divine life purpose and its all good it is free and pretty much you will always have it. Even if one is born into this life having physical disabilities they are one of the strongest advanced old souls choosing this life path to gain patience and intellectual peace of mind. It is really there free choice how gracefully and dignified they choose to surrender and be at peace.

FLOW=Non Attachment to the outcome. FLOW STATE going with the river going with the least resistance letting go of the mind's actualizations ideal's of the best outcome and surrendering to the resistance. Having non-attachment to the outcome to any environment, people, place or thing.

That is what you want. That is when that INNER PEACE kicks in and you can accept what is repeat "My heart hurts in the present moment" acknowledge it out loud, sing it out loud put your right hand on your heart and affirm over and over again so your conscious knows your subconscious is with you in this present time and make sure take the day off if need be to purge that old energy and sit and heal with it 100. Take a couple days off that first go and as time goes on you can gradually utilize those mental health days or sick days and heal more.

Attachment is pain. Because you are placing your happy on something external outside of yourself escaping the pain that is crying out so hard for you to finally acknowledge and fill that hole in your heart with love.

When you are lonely your heart is crying out for you to fill it in with love and presence. Stillness and presence. You are all you need for this exercise.

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