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My child hood was so violent & traumatic. With no real healthy relationships to model emmelate. My biggest prayer is for 2023 to keep helping me to shed anger & resentment from my childhood.

It took me so long to learn how to love after experiencing so much hate as a child. I was closed off and didn't know how to accept love or properly give love without running.

From 1 to 7 years old is the biggest age where u learn healthy love patterns. It u grew up around violence, addiction and constant trauma than you will copy patterns until u Learn them, Recognize them, and Heal them. Heal the patterns.

Remember we Forgive not for our abusers, bullies, or narccistic family. We forgive for Us. For our Freedom. We forgive for our Ultimate Happiness. YOU DESERVE THE BEST so give urself the gift of forgiving your perpetrators.

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