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Ghost JIZZZ.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Saskatoon - sk

A couple years ago me and Dynelle did a haunting thing on a clients house bc she knew there was a haunting there. So ghosts which are earth bound are far different from Spirits. Spirits are in God's Heavenly light & can be in 4728 different places at the same time . Ghosts can only stay in one place and are earth bound. Thats why when ur loved ones go and u can't feel them it may be because they are earth bound or still in transition if they left traumatic or disorientated.

So this particular event me and Dynelle Wolf decided to go at night time bc that is when Ghosts and spirits in general are most active bc there is more moisture in the air to travel. Ghosts and spirits are like electricity=energy ; science energy travel . Thats why its so common to see them at night time or in the morning lots of dew and moisture.

Anyways so the client complained that this ghost was leaving Jizz all over the house lol and around her underwear hahahahaha like what the fuck lol sorry to say but fuck that was funny asf I was like hf just a true predator ghost hf lol hahaha like not to laugh bit I was like hf some peoples kids ; and the client proceeded to say he would bother her underwear drawer and he was starting to get violent towards her old man like as in starting to physically push him . We were in aww me and Dynelle were like hf . She than said that sometimes she will know he's watching her when she's asleep alone he will be there in the room watching her. She will sometimes see his ass his silhouette in the darkness just watching her.

So, she was obviously alarmed and her old man kept blaming her poor baby brother for the random jizz wads lol tf awww poor kid lol fuck smh

Anyways the fuckery of this ghost . What a fucker I found out him to be . Lol

Okay, so anyways we went to the house and the client was there and immediately when we walked in he started to bang shit around and we walked up the stairs the house outside first of all was gloomy asf. Like u didn't have to be psychic to feel and see that this wasn't a place to live or accommodate it was just dreary ass and depressing feeling Big home; even tho it was a higher class house u can just feel it. On site. And see.

So, we went up the stairs to the top of the house. It's a huge lay out with just two floors and we proceeded to the livingroom. As we walked to the livingroom I felt a huge gust of cold Dynelle said he's moving shit around he doesn't like us here. I asked who is HE?

She than went on to say the owner of the house who first occupied it back in the 1960s. & the Ghost doesn't like our clients husband. He doesnt like her husband. And Dynelle looked at our client. I guess long story short Dynelle proceeded to say the reason the ghost man bc he was a man, was starting to physically assault her boyfriend as well as throw shit down when her boyfriend would be cooking. Like right in front of her boyfriends eyes this ghost would throw the salad bowl in the kitchen. The boyfriend to say the least was scared asf of this place.

The reason why this ghost picked on the boyfriend so much and left our client and her baby brother alone was because the ghost had this weird ass obsession with our client. LIKE Obsessed Much? YES, ghosts do Get Obsessed with Beautiful woman in there domain and super Territorial Yes.

Our client was White and was Petite and beautiful I guess his type because he was so obsessed with her- thus the watching her 24/7 as she slept . This ghost guy hated her boyfriend One- because he was obviously jealous asf of her boyfriend bc he had our client to love. SECOND- the ghost hated the boyfriend because the boyfriend was Asian. He was Chinese and the ghost was Racist asf. To Native people to Asian People to anyone who wasn't caucasion he hated everyone. He was a really racist guy in life.

He was also a college professor his whole adult career at the University of Saskatchewan. Where SIDE NOTE- I just so happened to work also for a couple years as well as go attain my degree there & when I was working a Chinese professor of mine told me when he first moved to Saskatoon years couple years back in 2011 that his other Co workers in the Sociology & the English department told him not to live on the west side of the city nor purchase a home on the west side of the city bc there were too many "Dirty Natives on that side". So, that for one goes to show the amount of blatant racism that exists even within "Higher educated" people. If anything its worst the institutional and systematic racism within universities & government.

Getting back to the story... the Ghost was also a guy who loved to cook when he was alive in his body so that is why he mostly assaulted Our clients boyfriend in the kitchen.

And it was a large nice kitchen. The abuse occurred there mostly from the racist ghost guy because that was his domian he loved to cook when he was alive so anyone entering his kitchen specially someone he didn't like he would become territorial and abusive. And ghosts can physically assault with enough attained energy. And this guy was a ghost for so long he obviously knew what he was doing.

The "Jizz" that was left all over the House was is a substance called "ectoplasm" we seen it & it looks like globs of skin spit that is white. So, it doesn't look like jizz jizz verbatim but more like a global of skin skin. If that makes sense. Google ectoplasm. When a Ghost is earth bound long enough it will have enough wherewithal to become more solid formed. Therefore, able to move shit, bang shit or physically touch someone. This ghost had did his practice time. The globs of "jizz" that was actually ectoplasm is the substance Ghosts leave around the house or place of hanging when they do apparitions which is show themselves to living human souls or when they are aggravated physically moving objects or physically tryingg to touch people that mucus-like substance will be left there on there querent or leave ectoplasm also on physical objects that the Ghost was transfixed for a long period of time aka walls or dressers, doors or clothes.

Energy- which are Ghosts; when Ghosts become in a high attained moment they will produce the substance due to the high volume of energy they are emitting. This is what this Racist ghost guy was doijg all over thenhouse not due to him being a pervert but because he just had moments of high attained presence or high attained energy levels.

To Be Continued......

(Creepy Piano Doodoo Music Playing)


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