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Heart Break-Loving a Karmic

It takes forever to get over and you probably lose some friends, and get mad at friends and family when they try to tell you deserve better and that it was a lesson to be learned with this individual.

You make it like they do not understand that it is you and your lover vs. the world. You feel like you have never loved anyone like you have loved them or another soul in the whole entire world and it even hurts' imagining a life where you go not talking to them in forever life.

You make up and break up. YOu know that you should leave but you keep touching the coals seeing if they are still hot and each time you get burned.

It is like a drug in human form. YOu tell yourself, Well if I can love someone this hard, imagine how it would be loving the right person? And them loving me as hard as they love me? Does something like this exist?

What If I don't find someone like you ever again? YOu are perfect in every single way imaginable and I dreamt of you, exactly you since I was a little girl. And it hurts.

Letting go and surrendering and having Faith that God will deliver you what you deserve is brave. And it takes courage. Faith is love. Faith is Brave. Faith is courage. It takes forever years for you to feel normal again and not to love them or when you hear there name or think of the sweet things they said to you, makes you love them all over again and smile. Praying that one day that feeling would melt away and when you do hear there name one day you will be healed enough to think, wow I pray where ever they are I wish them all the best.

Break ups with someone who you thought was the love of your life and the end all be all is the hardest thing one can one of the hardest things one can go through in there life. Essentially its a grief and loss process and it hurts and it takes patience with you heart in your chest being in pain. Understanding that to talk to yourself and say,"Baby I know you are hurt and I know this pain sucks but you will love again. THis longing for him and this lonesome for him and this validation of love from him will soon fade away and you will heal and one day laugh and mean it. One day you will smile and mean it. one day YOu won't walk around this earth a walking dead person. Baby, it will be okay."

Needing to mother yourself be the mother you never had, or the lover you wish you had being that voice that tells you you will be okay is so important through those days you don't want to leave bed and you want to die. Because break ups suck dick. LIke the flaiil can't get up 3 inch kind that you try act like it hurts because your just a nice person with a kind heart kind.

It sucks heart break but just feel it and make sure cry lots and know you aint alone in feeling like you lost the love of your life. God is just making way the angels and ancestors have seen all things behind the viel and know you deserve better and that once this passes they will deliver you what you deserve.

You are so perfect. You are so Beautiful. And its okay to be a sad bitch and take some days and cry lots. Feel that pain in your heart baby and be present with yourself and love yourself. I love you so much and I am sending you huge hugs through the computer screen and sending one of the ancestors to kiss your cheek right now I Love YOU XOXOXO I will always love you Whitney Houston

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