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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Do Not feel guilty when it comes to you and your Energy. Energy is money money is time and you can't pour from an empty CUP. You hit a wall You Hit Exhaustion and You're not happy anymore!!!

When you have a naturally big heart and are a loving person people will be naturally drawn to your light. They will be attracted to your high frequency. It is like moths to a flame. Everyone wants sparkle and some people are too lazy to make there own so instead seek it outside of themselves.

So, many people seek externally what they should be doing for themselves. Which is self love. That emotional well of happiness, networking, friendships, sports, hobbies, passions and endorphins aka running or getting outside. No one is responsible for your happiness! That is an inside job that one has to achieve on there own. This is the hard part for most people. Because they been strangers to themselves and there own company they whole lives so when they finally alone it is foreign and lonely it is like sitting with a stranger. That is where one finds out what one loves and what sets there souls on fire. If this includes baking, friendships, book clubs, AA meetings, Cultural events, singing, playing guitar etc you got to find the things that bring you back to yourself and fill you with love and contentment. Celebrate your soul and what it is.

People just have a hard time making it through that initial alone time. It is worth it though. Your self esteem improves, your self love improves, your self worth thrives and the universe had no other choice but to start delivering you what you deserve.

You deserve your time. If you worked hard in this life to succeed to the platform you have built than why keep giving your energy out for free? It zaps your energy and has you at the end of the week feeling exhausted, depleted and grumpy. You hit this plateau of exhaustion, but than you think well if I don't help them who will??

Who will?? What makes you think that you're better than anyone where they also don't have a thousand ancestors waiting for them to call up on them for help and assistance. Those you help also have unlimited help and blessings from God the Creator up above as well as many angles on stand by waiting for there asses to pray upon ask them for assistance. It aint only you who is blessed and protected your loved ones who you help so much also have the same amount of help and assistance difference is they lazy and don't want to tap into there blessings or put some elbow grease into this thing called life like you obviously did.

You have worked so hard to get where you are at in life. Alot of these people out here

have not done the work that inner healing work that you have done to achieve

your success in your life. It is hard at times to keep a clean, happy heart

in a life that is so cold and cruel at times. People will always want to hang out with

or want and take from people who have that time, that energy, that financial abundance, those beautiful idea's.

When you find yourself being exhausted from being certain places or around certain people pay attention to that shit. It is your body telling you signs and signals that that environment or those people are leaving you feeling depleted so maybe take some time away or set up

healthier boundaries with people, places and things that drain you or take from you.

You should be leaving places, feeling rejuvenated and happy and full that equal energy exchange. Not the latter of always feeling depleted and sucked dry. Start the baby steps it takes to notice where your give and take spectrum is imbalanced. Where and which relationships are you always giving more and more and more. And not receiving anything back? Remember your energy, your heart your aura is a currency also. Love is the highest frequency and when one is glowing with self love and happiness

that person built and did the time to achieve that.

Your time is currency. What is one thing billionaires cannot buy? It is time. They cannot buy time back. So start checking with yourself which relationships leave you feeling drained. Do not be afraid to say no to events, or invitations to places. You will know you made the right decision when you feel an instant sense of relief. That relief after you decline or cancel the engagement is a sign from your soul that you made the right decision. Some of us harbor feelings we don't even know are validations.

As we take the time to start asking ourselves what leaves us feeling depleted and exhausted? Who and what family members and old friends have us feeling depleted or used? Start being serious with yourself. Because life gets better when you start to create healthy boundaries and make your own soul your own body and time and energy your safe haven.

I know you love to help and give to people but you got to learn how to give to yourself most of these times and take a look at those times you feel depleted. Take the time to say no to people and do not be afraid to cancel plans or cancel out on plans. Your mental health and your spiritual, emotional and physical health are more important than anything else in this world. Start making yourself a priority.


You cannot pour from an empty cup.


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