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My Beloved My Heart♡

Okay, my dad is so funny. He's not here on the earth plane but he is always constantly sending me cute signs that he is with me.

Like today for example I seen his Birthday January 24th today on two Separate occasions!!!! Like WTFFFF lol

& I woke up and the first song to Play today was "Daddy Dance with me" By Krystal Keith.

I honestly smile and always tell him I love u and thank you & u better be out there dancing trying to make out with Sharon Tate or trying to sleep with Marilyn Monroe lol hahaha my Dad was a casanova in real life and his nick name was handsome and oh did he know he was handsome. And he took full advantage of that.

But nevertheless our loved ones always send us messages this beautiful and flow state to let us know I'm with u closer than I was in human form and I got you and remember this life is temporary so don't take it too fuckn serious and be happy and laugh and know you are never Alone ♡

I love Yall GNIGHT


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