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My ExtraTerrestrial Visit.. the Third One But Coolest

So, I was meditating and out of my body. I always sink into this with Meditation. Laying down sometimes I do it sitting up but than come to sideways laying down or come to on my back on the office floor. I am always doing this at work. Break times. Anyways, So this was so fucken dope because I was doing it gradually and I was open to love.

Always guided and protected by love when I meditate and astral travel. White light of the Holy Spirit protect me sheild me with white loving light. So, only high frequency beings can access my beautiful energy and vice versa. Okay, so anyways I was doing the dah in my meditation and there was a huge mf gun.

And, when I was a kid I grew up with guns plastered up to the wall in my house, sawed offs, 22s all of them used for hunting Moose & Elk. My pops had a gun collection so it was what evs.. anyways I know how to shoot a 22 like a boss and aim like a mf. So, anyways I was at my house and outside the door the gun was sitting there and home boy went inside and I was there just doing the dahhhh looking at it picked it up and shot it off into the air like towards the sky at a 45 degree angle up in the air. And took the kickback of this big bitch of a gun. And it was Hella Huge and You know when you astral travel the emotions and feelings are like real life. So, I went about my day and set the massive ass gun down and than heard something.

I looked up and it was a huge ship that was just parked right outside of the clouds and it came down asap. And, so I straightened out and I was like super happy because I was like yay! I been wanting the Galactic council or ET's that resonate in Creator God's white light of love to come visit me. I have so many questions. And, Plus since the last visit in December 2020 the messages that they told me than helped me alot so, Yeah I wanted them to come and visit me.

So, The ship came and touched down and out walked this beautiful tall as eff like 6 foot 2 being she was a woman with a silver magnetic shiny silver face shining glistening with silver sparkles and she said telepathically a message. Telepathically, I say because that is how we communicate on the astral realm is through the mind. We can hear one anothers thoughts. So no need to talk shit because it will be like Ike looking back"what motherf$cker?" say what?

lol ANyways, She relayed the message to me "RETRIBUTION"

She, was wearing a real solid ass suit with broad shoulders and a helmet too and her whole fit was blue and silver and real official looking and solid looking. Her helmet wasn't a helmet but more of that suit that that guy from the Cree tribe on the first movie of Guardians of the Galaxy.

You know the real hard up bad guy off of the first Movie who was trying to get vengeance for his genocided people.. his name is I just googled it ROnan the Accuser is his name. So, if you want to see the strength and style of what this ET was wearing google Ronan the Accuser and imagine that is her but warm aura prettier in a ET I will fck you up kind of way. Like she was so serious stern and loving and strong aura af. Imagine Ronan the accuser in a a silver and baby blue and light blue fit. That was how she looked she was so gorgeous in a super strong mom from another planet and she can kill me type of way.

So, anyways she came out of the ship alone and than she looked at me and said RETRIBUTION. She than showed me because I shooted that gun as harmless as it may have seemed because I shot into the air into nothing. But what she wanted to tell me no matter the action no matter how miniscule it may seem there is always an effect somewhere. EXACTLY, best way for me to explain what she told me was Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction now matter how miniscule it may seem. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Newtons third law my dudes is the best way I can explain it. The butterfly effect no matter how small an action may seem it does not go unnoticed and there are repercussions whether negative or positive. So, she was telling me be careful ho, every action even you shooting that ammunition's has an effect.

She that proceeded to show me a shit load of gorgeous ass tall trees all standing next together. She than grabbed a huge cutter and cut down about one third of that huge bush of beautiful healthy tall trees and My heart broke. She showed me like this is what happens when you shoot off senseless man made devices into the ions for no fucken reason.

So, I got the metaphor of actions that she was showing me and I felt so bad. Because, last thing I want to do is destroy mother gaia earth or the beautiful trees or plants that give us so much unconditional love. I felt like agh like sh#t and so sad for those trees.

She showed me that and I was apologetic and sad and than she went back to the ship after showing me al l of this and nudged me that it was okay if I went into the ship and I was like omg!!!!!!!!!

"I been praying for this to meet all of them !!!!! Damn did I brush my teeth? Does my breath smell good? Did I floss? omg I was patting down my clothes practicing my hollywood smile I give as I entered the ship I was so fucken excited and pumped because was asking them to come visit me or let me visit them!!!

So, I entered the ship and was engulfed in white.

I than Got up from my meditation half hour seemed like later came to and do not remember the visit in the ship. Which, is okay because I understand a lot of the time visits in the ships or amongst them they make me not remember so I respect that. They do know I have a big mouth and I know I do. But I was just so happy to see a feminine representative and how strong and specific she showed herself to me and she knows I am all about the threads. So, that was all so cool and appreciated. She was solid af.

love you baby

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