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My Past Life

As a kid I'd always get flashbacks of me in a body- a guy body. In different circumstances. In my early 20s they would be coming hard. The memories of me in a man body.

Growing up in a Christian based society I didnt believe in past lives because we were taught of this one & only life.

It was me in a man's body. First person outlook & there were so many vivid real memories that I relived that didn't make sense to me & I felt fucked up & lost with no one really to talk to about my experiences except my ex who just thought I was gay and loved women. He was a prick and really no help.

I swing both ways but that wasn't even the point- the point was I was someone else and it was me they were real-the visions and memories & it was bugging me. I didn't want to sound bat shit crazy to other people so I just kept it to myself.

I shut off seeing dead people when I was 20 years old bc I was sick of spirits and ghosts always being so abrupt, popping up, waking me up hitting my feet in the middle of thennight waking me up- I seen spirits on and off since I was a kid and it didn't make sense. I'm not psychic but I know shit I feel shit and I see shit. I dont know what that's called.

I was scared because yeah . Not really people walking around seeing shit all the time like I did since I was little so yeah I didn't have anyone to talk too too much besides my dad and he would nod and be like you're valid and I acknowledge what you're seeing. It's just common knowledge as a First Nations person that the spirit world is the real world and that this life is just a quick visit. That is why in my language my Cree language we don't even have a word for Good-bye just mweestsus- which means "see you later" because we knew there are no such thing as good-byes of souls.

Anyways, my dad was wise asf. He had Addictions but being a sensitive man & masking trauma such as my dad did escaping with alcohol and his addiction to playing women - he just knew that its normal to see spirits. So, I was blessed to have him validate all my stories since I was a kid. Same with my step dad Howie. They got along well too.

My dads dad was a seer - Pierrê Bear- my halfbreed French grandpa. He was a medicine man and could see spirits and talk/converse with them & people would come and see him for insight and healing.

So, when I told my dad about stuff it wasn't like "oh my girl you're crazy" it was like validating and acknowledging and he would converse and try see the message behind the visits.

So I'm happy I had a First Nations dad who was spiritual, open and woke asf.

I had one life where I was a wealthy English Colonizer and would go back and forth across the sea and I was good looking and had my choice of concubines. I didnt even know wtf a concubine was I had to Google it . That was in the 1600's.

In 1823 I was a woman and I lived in Wisconsin & lived with my husband on a dairy farm we ran a successful dairy farm I was a colonizer caucasion in this one too, my father in this lifetime was my son back than & in that lifetime he was an alcoholic also & never healed that in that life time either. In this lifetime as my father he battled and lost to alcoholism; and in that lifetime as my son he also battled alcoholism ... and it beat him in that lifetime too.

We are given hurdles in all of our birth charts- shitty habits or shitty cycles that we must learn how to master & overcome.

My dad will have to come back another life to try beat his addiction hopefully as my own child since I have this knowledge of wtf he needs to fix now. That tagay lol jk lol

In the 1500's this was my fave past life memory. I was a chief in the Amazon & I looked like Moana's dad off Moana the Disney movie. I looked exactly like him except I think with shorter hair and stalkier I was. But we lived in huts and had the same regalia and attire and beliefs. I will get into that life in my next blog because fck its dope asf and deserves its own blog because its so long.

Anyways we carry on the same personalities life to life and same talents and they get stronger and better each life time as you go. There are levels to this shit. Just like old souls are wise asf. We have kids being born to parents always these days who are more wiser and older than there parents. Dont medicate them with ADHD pills. Instead look at there rapid energy as a gift because that is it what is.

You can heal alot and know alot about why you are, why you are the way you are, or why u can't leave that toxic person, or why you have a shitty negative habit or none-beneficial repetitive challenge that keeps popping up in your life thru past life regression and intense chakra memory clearing.

If you have ghost pains in your body its most likely from past life wounding or death.

If you have an intense fear of heights or white bed sheets- it could be a traumatic past life experience. It could be any fear. No fear is weird remember that. It is all tangible. Past life regression and memory chakra healing can help your unconscious soul remember that you are safe in this life and to clear the traumatic memory. Acknowledge, let go and forgive.

If you have a sibling who was born with a sever physical ailments that causes them from birth not to talk and not to walk or speak- like my sister chimullly - you got to understand they are the strongest souls and they came here to master there intellectual mind - there mental mind there intellectual & teach others of this world compassion,love & contrast. Anytime I channel my sister chimmully she has the hugest addictive energy I never want to leave her out of all my family from the other side she has the brightest light and hugest warmest love glow I have ever felt from my family on the other side. I never want to leave her when she visits. Energy like that is measured on the other side from LOVE- the love u have within.

There are so many sessions I had in past life I think I've done 10 past life regression healing sessions so far that I can remember myself as a different person in a totally different life, different race, different gender, different corcumstance

My first life on this planet was on a small island off the east coast of Africa we now call Atlantis. That country was half homo-sapien-sapien & Auctorian E.T race. They were advanced asf and the closest thing closets society to make heaven on Earth. Heaven on this planet. The frequency was high asf and there technology was pure quantum. It was advanced asf. On this planet we won't see that again. Gaia is shutting the book on that from what I can see but also I see and others that we have til 2100 roughly. But it will be an ending like a thief in the night. Painless so don't worry it ain't a rank ending like dramatic asf pits of fire in the burning fires of hell listening to boy George and Nickelback over and over lol jk but in all seriousness. Remember we also have another timeline where If us as a collective can get our shit together we can live longer, healthier & have a progressive, utopian society. Depends on what we choose collectively.

36th life time I am on now.

And karma is a bitch but thats if You're a bitch. If you're racist asf ur gonna come back as that race . - if your ass even chooses to come back to this planet. This is the crazy asylum planet of the whole universe only the strongest souls choose to come reincarnate to come to this planet.

We have so many souls on so many different levels of there paths so be compassionate with your slow ass cousin and ur annoying asf close minded annoying asf neighbor. And just keep on.


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