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Loving someone in secret. When you get messages about a loved one From the other side. And they tell you who they approve of you being with or who they do not want you to be with. It is a thing and it happens.

But loving someone in secret. For me, a Soul mate you feel them. You feel them in your heart and you feel that connection. They could be 4000 miles away or in another country and you would still smile to yourself during the day doing what mundane tasks you are doing because you love them in secret and even thinking of them makes you smile. Because you unconditionally love them and most likely always will. A Soul mate comes after you have kissed a lot of frogs. We have many soul mates it just depends who gets there shit together in time of linking up. It is also free choice from you and that person .

And them with love. Even if that's with you or not with you. That's called Unconditional Love. Usually when you are in the time of union with a Soulmate comes after along time with along journey either karmic partners bc u needed to gain those lessons. KARMICS also known as abusive, USING AND ABUSING relationships. Thus, why they called KARMIC/KARMA.

Those karmic lessons are always painful af to a degree. The most pain you ever felt in your life a lot of the times. Makes you want to check out sometimes too. Karmic unions leave you broke, confused, anxious and drained. BOUNCE leave those kind of relationships and LOOK OBJECTIVLEY at the painful union and be like "WHAT IS THIS TEACHING ME?'

You needed to endure the Pain of walking away from relationship that was abusive, emotionally checked out, mentally manipulative, physically abusive etc. pretty much an energy vampires them abusers. Someone who takes takes takes leaves u naked on the floor with nothing. Sucked your soul dry and left you as a shell as your once happy self.

Pain is the best motivator tho bc it teaches you self worth, self love. It gives you back to yourself. To realize the love that you were seeking was with you all along. It was YOU!!!!!

You have the strength it takes to endure anything and to come out of the fire and the abuse stronger, wiser and more calm and compassionate to the world. GREAT PAIN IS A GIFT.

Tho, at the time it is like "Fuck God take me off this fucken shitty planet of planet fucken bullshit fuck my life" -Type deal

As I am tying this bitch I keep touching this fucken big ass computer screen trying to scroll the screen up but I keep forgetting this big ass dinosaur laptop from 1985 apple is not a touch screen. Anyways, these karmic relationships teach you about yourself and the BOSS ASS BITCH that you truly are!!!!

As, you go on in your spiritual journey you will notice your level of mental health when it comes to dating men/women becomes more smarter and evolved as you go on. And each part that still needs to be healed within you the universe/God/Creator/Allah what ever you call Creator will send you someone to reflect back on you an unhealed part of yourself you are unconsciously carrying in your Aura.

You carry this unhealed part of yourself this lesson you need to learn and heal from forever UNTIL YOU REALIZE it is even fucken there. THus, why SELF REALIZATION is so fucken important. SO VITAL to have those alone times those days where you are alone so you can reflect and meditate on how the fuck and what the fuck is this shit and why am I attracting the same demon in a different body?

It is because every relationship you have is a mirror reflection of your state of awareness and frequency along this journey called life that you are on right now.

YOU OVER GIVE AND ALWAYS FIND YOURSELF WITH ADDICTS WHO ARE EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE? & You are always the giver always giving giving giving ?

It is most likely you were the injured child who kept giving giving giving to your emotionally neglectful parent, in order to get a bone of a reaction from them you would do anything in your power to try get them to "love you" to show "love" you would do anything for them to jerk a reaction of "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH my beautiful baby you are safe, you are loved, i am so proud of you! I LOVE YOU!!"

YOU WOULD do anything in your little child eye to try get your parent to love you. Not knowing they couldnt love you they way you wanted to be loved because they did not love themselves and that them too were unhealed and in an aura of sadness from childhood still.


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