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Tansi, Craig morningchild Sasgeeskaskin, I come from Makwa Sahgaiehcan aka Loon Lake. Ill try speak Cree as much as I can, I understand it more than to speak it. Im brought in front of you kids from my brother Mike. Me and Mike grew up together and we both choose different paths in life. I chose the wrong life. and ill share my story with you to kids to, give u truth about the real problem you face daily, drugs and gang life.

I only got half hour to speak but please listen with your heart PLEASE

I will start by letting u kids know I was once young like you and I had promising hockey career I wont go too deep into details but reality I was rated #1 in the world beside Sidney Crosby. I gave up a scholarship in Williams Lake bc (my dads cries to this day about that) but I didn’t go and the person that took my place was Carey Price. Long story short…I could of….

BUT I chose the drug/ganglife and that’s why I a

I'm here…

Not here point fingers or blame I chose to have that one hit of meth, that’s all it takes is that one wrong decision to make life hell, I say hell because that’s the life of meth addict, its consumes you, right down to ur spirit. Our spirit is who we are and that is what I ask of u kids is pursue ur purpose in life and it all starts by the moment u open ur eyes everyday. Soon as u wake up MAKE YOUR BED….. making ur bed soon as u wake up sets ur mind to tackle all the little things ur gonna face through out the day. Its noticeable try it and tell me it worked cause it works. It helped me to get where I am today

I looked at 10 n a half years in the Pen, only cause I wanted to act gangster. I chose to hang with the gangsters and this is my opinion of ppl that live that life today. You’re a weak individual that is follower and u aint ever gonna be happy, because happiness is within and how can u be happy being in a gang and following all them ppl who follow those ppl that cant even father/mother they own kids.. you wanna be happy u wanna be legit in life, EDUCATE YOUR LIFE. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE to live life is short life is a blessing from the creator and everyday you wake up up is a day day to be be grateful for and give thanks that you have life cause from where im came from im should have been dead a long time ago..

I'm gonna do a brain exercise to show you how powerful the mind is…..


Now u know how to manage your mind….. Be Consistent on being Positive cause there is only great reward from managing ur state of mind


What is it you really want???

What do I need to do?

Have a Purpose in Life

Focus Equals Realty

Questions directs US

Don’t ask urself useless questions…the phrases u say and speak of is how u will FEEL

Awareness, focus, speak and think bigger better.



Whats specific action do I need to do accomplish??

What u focus on is how u flow

The best way is to write everything down so u feel it….

What makes you wealthy make a list, wealthy not meaning money…

Get energy and keep making energy towards your goals u are focusing on

Clarity is power make ur mind clear and know what u want and stay focused but make it enjoyable…once you go keep ur moment cause that’s the power that WIll get u to where u are going be in life. Little changes is how you will get there don’t overwhelm yourself with the full picture of your of your full goal… Baby Steps….


Believe and succeed

Make healthy habits

Beliefs controls your behavior

Haters not confident no drive no money.

Wishful. Doubtful, less energy. Want more in life. Believing to a point. Know I can have it all but self conscience all these thoughts are stopping you from HAVING LIFE YOU DESERVE!!!


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