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You are Over Qualified.

Baby, you are over Qualified & That is Okay.

Stawwwwp Apologizing. There are people places & things that you do service for out of the kindess of your heart but start differeinting your time.

Who deserves your time. Time is energy!!!! Energy is money!!! Its okay not to fuck with old peoples, places and things that do not resonate with you & Never did.

You are starting to know Your worth. What You Bring to the table !!! Stop Apologizing.

Make money moves in Private Keep winning & be happy!

Never revenge. Heal. Move on. Be happy.

Chapters end. Remember your time is Money your time is valuable. Spend it wisely.

You are worthy you are DESERVING.


Confidence is Silent Insecurities are loud let your Energy Your presence Speak.

Love YOU 👑

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